By default, one camera license is installed. By applying the license key on the Surveillance Station user interface, you will be able to set up and manage more than one cameras on the network. Instant Delivery by Email 24/7 We are proud to announce that we've automated our system for licenses. This means that after we've received your payment you'll receive almost directly your purchased license, and this 24/7.

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Note: Online connectivity is required for license activation. License migration count is restricted to one since Surveillance Station 8.0. [/size]If there are more than one Synology product under the CMS setup, the included device license can be shared among the CMS cluster. Learn more about CMS. So basically this new find as part of SS8 changes everything. Back in the SS6->SS7 synology the blocked keys are because of counterfeit but it seems now with SS8 they seem to be locking down and wanting users to buy 'new' ones. This is totally unacceptable change to the licence agreement.

But the real problem starts when you download the PAT file and use the proprietary parts of the Synology OS on the box that wasn't licensed for it. Film drama korea the heirs episode 3. Technically, in some countries its illegal to bypath the mechanisms that prevent you from running on a non-licensed hardware, so the bootloader would also be illegal. Thanks, I was under the impression that xpenology was leveraging open source software (or at least not completely proprietary) and not an infringement of Synology license. Is that not so? That's why I was curious about the surveillance package as it is quite clearly an 'add-on' synology sell and should be compensated for. Synology's DSM is Linux, with their own proprietary additions (funny thing, they do break GPL with their synobios kernel module!), including the app system, volume system, and the web UI.

For expanding cameras set up on the Synology Surveillance Station adobe photoshop cs6 com crack download Synology surveillance station 5 license crack. While I understand v8 of Surveillance Station is in beta, I didn't expect it to invalidate one if my licenses. I have the built in 2 camera licenses and I purchased 2 additional 4pack (CPL4) licenses. Jan 22, 2017  Have DSM 6.0.2-8451 and installed surveillance station. I want to addd some extra camera licences. I use add license wizard from surveillance station, then i wrote license key, and finally aktivate by pressing button FINISH. This video is about How to Order Synology IP Camera License Slightly Cheaper and Faster I have no connection. Synology Surveillance Station 8.0.

• Default license keys cannot be migrated. • NVR is a surveillance dedicated product, the default device license of NVR216/NVR1218 is four. • Purchased licenses can be migrated. Special Billing Methods Synology Surveillance Station has different billing methods for particular cameras, such as panoramic, multi-lens cameras and video server for analog cameras. For more details about supported cameras, please refer to.

Licensing Plan By applying license keys on the Surveillance Station user interface, you will be able to set up and manage more surveillance devices on your Synology products. 4 or 8 Surveillance Device License Packs come with a single license key, allowing you to activate 4 or 8 surveillance devices. Most of the time, each IP camera, I/O module, and access controller will only require one license, and each transaction device will require two licenses. However, there are some cameras that have different billing methods. Please see the section below for more details. To find out the maximum number of surveillance devices supported on each Synology product, please refer to the specifications of each model. Note: • Surveillance Station running on Virtual DSM, will not include any default device licenses.

I hope this will help others, too. License Activation and Restrictions In Surveillance Station, go to Main Menu > License > then click Add. An installation wizard will guide you through adding device licenses into Surveillance Station. The license key can only be applied to one Synology product, however to satisfy special requirements from users, each license key can be migrated once.

In this case, Synology will charge you for eight licenses accordingly. This rule will also apply to video servers supported in Surveillance Station. License Activation and Restrictions In Surveillance Station, go to Main Menu > License > then click Add. An installation wizard will guide you through adding device licenses into Surveillance Station. Note: • The license can be applied to only one Synology product at a time. • Online verification is required for adding or deleting device licenses.

Simple as that. If they have stopped working highly likely you have been a victim of counterfeiting entering the supply chain somewhere. This is not a mass reported issue. Sub 100 users between the V6-> v7 upgrade and now the v7->v8 upgrade.

Interesting debate but it does not seem to be a viable solution for 8 to 16 camera's AND the risk of an outage due to licensing discrepancy just pushes it over the edge BUT hey I have learnt a great deal from this thread in terms of risk mangement. Peace readers - hope things work out and if anything maybe Synology should have some type or priority paid support for 24x7 solutions or simply do not allow camera licenses to be purchased anywhere other than directly from Synology in your region. TDimi wrote:The problem is the risk Don't disagree. And thanks for explaining your view. But everything has risks.

I agree with your comments and it seems Synology should have consulted and communicated better with its customers. I don't think I am confident in recommending this solution for commercial installation whereby I am the consultant/installer given the content/discussion in this thread.

And yes I 'PROVED' I purchased the license from a legit reseller (Amazon), yet as soon as I proved it tech support got very quiet. I followed tech supports troubleshooting and they thought that I should have deleted the license from my previous NAS before migrating the hard drive to the new NAS. So I installed surveillance station on my previous NAS (412+) and tried to add the license and it said it couldn't because it was already being used. Now it probably says its being used because it's still on my 916+ which I migrated to. I don't want to remove it from the 916+ to add it to the 412+ and then not be able to add it back to the 916+.

Few years ago we bought DS1513+ and transferred that license easily to the new device and bought some new licenses too. Now we bought another device (DS416play) and today I installed Surveillance Stsation 8 into it and deactivated one 4 camera license from the DS1513+ and then tried to add it into DS416play. License got locked. *lots of swearing* Then I tried to add it back to the DS1513+ but same result. Now we have one 4 camera license that does not work at all. How in hell should we have known that trying to install it into new device locks the license for good? (And yes, the license was bought from more than valid retailer in Germany.) Pure stupidity Synology!

Surveillance Station 6 Download

I only blame synology and they should pay the price. TDimi wrote:I never considered the potential risk of licensing when investing so much. Its a very small number of people reporting issues.

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Would you whine and complain to the MPAA if you bought a movie from some dude back alley wearing a trenchcoat and it didn't play? Probably not, because then they'd just say you should have bought from somewhere that doesn't raise 10 kinds of red flags. It sounds like instead of just doing something relatively simple, which probably would have taken all of a few seconds, you chose to complain about it for some reason. But you fail to realize with a beta there are a multitude of issues that can be looked into rather than honing in on fraudulent licenses as the only cause.

Nyknicks8 wrote:So synology does not want users to upgrade diskstations and rather have them switch to a different brand? Why does the license only migrate once? Do I get a refund for the license once I cannot use it anymore? This is fraud. For EXISTING users who brought these licences before the SS8 licence changes. Synology has brought in 'new conditions' on existing licences without warning, without the user agreeing and without bothering to put the change in the CHANGE LOG.

For more details about supported cameras, please refer to. Camera Type Billing Method Example License required Regular Per camera AXIS P1347 1 Panoramic Per camera AXIS M3007 1 Multi-lens Fixed lens Per camera ArecontVision AV8185DN 1 Removable lens Per channel AXIS F44 5 Video server Per channel Vivotek VS8801 8 In the table above, you can see a detailed example of our billing methods for four different camera types. Certain panoramic cameras (e.g.


Great BUT in the eyes of the customer the damage is already done and your reputation potentially tarnished. This was my motive in making my post. Purchase a 4k NVR and it does not have a licensing component. In my own situation a 4k 16Ch NVR is around 650-700 add a few WD Purples say another 350 and thats it. If I go the Synology route the licensing alone is around 300 (4 Camera) or 450 (8 Camera).

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