Management interface: CLI ( Telnet or RS232), SSH, SNMP V1/2/3, SNMP proxy ZXA10 C300 Up to 16. GPON, XG-PON1, P2P/GE, E1.

Sophisticated monitoring system can recognise significant changes occured in network which activate alarm and network administrator will be informed by SMS or email. Ikarus also allow to do multiple changes, for example change bandwidth profile for specific group of ONUs. Supported features Setup of triple-play services TV, Data (including the rate for the customer), Phone; specification of correct VLAN for a service Setup of security functions for ONT Firewall, DHCP Snooping, Option82, IP source guard ONT modes Setup of Bridge (eg. For different ports - typically for STB) Router; IP source selection - static, DHCP, PPPoE Optical power diagnostic Power level ONT/OLT, distance from OLT, temperature of ONT, firmware version, broken fiber detection, uptime/downtime ONT status monitoring Working, dying, loss; also support of restore defaults or reboot ONT. NMS Ikarus is working in cloud architecture. NMS server runs on CentOS and connection to NIX is ensured with redundant direct lines. System based on this architecture doesn’t need install new programs.

ZXAN(config)# ii. Configure out-of-band NM IP address. ZXAN(config)# nvram mng-ip-address Note: In-band NM IP address and out-of-band NM IP address must not be in the same network segment. Step-2: Configure out-of-band NM route. ZXAN(config)# ip route Step-3: (Optional) Configure SNMP community. There is a default public community in the system. To configure other community, use the snmp-server community command.

• • GPON or Gigabit Passive Optical Network is an optical technology based on the industry standard ITU-TG.984x which was ratified in 2003. This technology was originally developed to provide high speed Ethernet services for residential and small business customers. It supports higher rates, enhanced security, and choice of Layer 2 protocol ( ATM, GEM, and Ethernet). Dragon naturallyspeaking 12. • There are many common subsets of FTTx like- FTTN (fiber to the node or fiber to the neighborhood), FTTC (fiber to the curb or fiber to the cabinet), FTTP (fiber to the premises), FTTB (fiber to the building or fiber to the basement), FTTH (fiber to the home) etc.

Availability Single server:MTTR 70m MTBF 259200m AVAILABLITY 99.997% Redundant servers:MTTR 8.5m MTBF 259200m AVAILABLITY 99.9997% Position NetnumenTM N31 is located in a centralized way.

Figure: Open Access Network Structure ( FTTx) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • *** Concept about GPON Quad Play**** Accessing Internet is going to be a fundamental right like other basic human rights. No matter how often a user uses Internet, waiting for a web page to load is really an annoyance. To overcome this situation, Internet speed has increased significantly in the past decade to keep pace with the demand of users, new services and bandwidth-hungry applications. These demands include as multimedia content based e-commerce, video on demand, high definition TV, IPTV, online gaming, social media, etc. Lots of different technologies like gigabit Ethernet, mobile Internet, etc, that have been trying to cater and satisfy the user demand. Gigabit passive optical networks (GPON) is one of the high-speed access technology which offers triple play service (i. E., data, voice and video) GPON is easier, faster and low cost.

When users subscribe to the service, installation engineers take ONTs to the users' houses. After the ONTs go online, the OLT confirms the ONTs one by one. Generally, the MAC address authentication mode is used to confirm the ONTs. NOTE: If the ONU is an independent NE and is directly managed by the NMS through the SNMP management mode, select the SNMP management mode. For this mode, you only need to configure the parameters for the GPON line and the parameters for the management channel on the OLT. If the ONU is not an independent NE and all its configuration data is issued by the OLT through OMCI, select the OMCI management mode.

ZTE NetNumen N31 NMS Brief Introduction Integrated Network Management System NetNumen N31 The integrated network management system provides centralized, unified network management for all ZTE NGN products including soft switch series, ZXA10 MSAN/MSAG, ZXA10 PON, ZXDSL series, terminal series, ZXR10/ZXB10/ZXE10 series,ZXWMN HLR and so on. It also provides customers with a unified management interface to other equipment vendors’ products. Functionality • Topology and view management • Fault management • performance management • Configuration Management • Report management • Policy management • Version management • Diagnose test management • Log management • Security management • MIB management Characteristics • Unified platform Operating, maintaining and managing various NEs on an Unified platform in a centralized way. • Expandable platform Based on J2EE, it is an expandable platform to add more new NE management and new functions. • Multiple types of OS and DB It supports multiple operation system such as windows and UNIX. It can run on multiple DBMS, such as SQL server. • Powerful topology management It provides the graphical diagram of the whole network, including all the nodes and links.

ZXAN# write Building configuration [OK] Result: The ZXA10 C220 can be managed through the in–band NM IP address. Configuring Out-of-Band NM: Prerequisites: • Make sure network device works normally. • Log in to the ZXA10 C220 through HyperTerminal/Xshell/Putty. Background Information: • In the out-of-band NM mode, NMS information is transmitted through non-service channel. The management channel is independent from the service channel. Thus out-of-band NM is more reliable comparing with the in-band NM. Networking Diagram: Bellow are the ZTE ZXA10 C220 OLT NM Configuration out–of-band NM networking diagram.

Enter global configuration mode. ZXAN# configure terminal Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CTRL/Z. ZXAN(config)# ii.

Figure 1 Process of configuring a GPON ONT Procedure 1.Add a GPON ONT. A.Run the interface gpon command to enter the GPON mode. B.Run the port portid ont-auto-find command to enable the auto-find function of the ONT. After the function is enabled, you can add an ONT according to the information reported by the system.

ZTE) MIBs include ZXR10-SMI.

• All packets sizes shown below must be set in 64kbyte increments, else will automatically adjust down to the nearest 64kbyte value GEPON Syntax: epon-llid-profile delay Example: epon-llid-profile HIGH link-index all up-bw 1 2 2 delay tolerant down-bw 1 20 2 delay tolerant token 4 epon-llid-profile LOW default enable link-index all up-bw 1 1 1 delay tolerant down-bw 1 10 2 delay tolerant token 4 GPON It is possible in GPON to rate limit based on CoS however for simplicity, this example rate limits all data. The gem-port 1 is used here to rate-limit the downstream data, while the tcont section is used to rate-limit the upstream data via DBA. For more information, see this gpon-onu-profile HIGH gem-port 1 ratelimit down cir 1024 cbs 64 pir 20032 pbs 64 tcont 0 cir 1 pir 2!

ISP login to NMS server through webpages via HTTP/HTTPS protocol from any devices. Every ISP have unique login and password.

As a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, ZTE plays an important role in the international telecoms industry. ZTE’s GPON ONT terminals are positioned for a variety of scenarios by providing green, high-reliability and easy O&M FTTH solutions to operators. Packaging: logo, sticker, accessories (power adapter, nameplate, cable), package box, user manual, CD, etc. A wide range of products to accommodate different scenarios A wide variety of interfaces provide subscribers with voice, video, data and other services, allowing customers to use diversified, personalized services in a convenient, secure and efficient way. XPON Name Interface Type GPON ZXA10 F601 1GE Bridge ZXHN F600 4GE Bridge ZXHN F620 4GE+2POTS Bridge/Route+Voice ZXA10 F625G 4GE+2POTS+1RF Bridge/Route+Voice ZXHN F660 4GE+2POTS+WIFI+1USB Bridge/Route+Voice ZXHN F668 4GE+2POTS+WIFI+1RF+1USB Bridge/Route+Voice ZXA10 F720G ( outdoor ) 4GE+2POTS Bridge.

• Out-of-band NM is implemented through the Q port on the control switching card. It is usually used in local management. Configuring In-Band NM: Prerequisites: • Make sure the network device works normally. • Log in to the ZXA10 C220 through HyperTerminal/Xshell/Putty. Background Information: In the in-band NM mode, NMS information is transmitted through service channel of ZXA10 C220. It is flexible in networking without any auxiliary devices, and low in cost.

Add uplink port to NM VLAN in tag mode. ZXAN(config-if)# switchport vlan 1000 tag ZXAN(config-if)# exit ZXAN(config)# Note: When a port is added to a VLAN, the VLAN is added automatically. Step-2: Configure IP address of in-band NM interface. Enter VLAN interface configuration mode. ZXAN(config)# interface vlan 1000 ZXAN(config-if)# ii. Configure IP address of in-band NM interface.

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By default, the ONT auto-find function of a GPON port is disabled. NOTE: An auto-find ONT is in the auto-find state. The auto-find ONT can work in the normal state only after it is confirmed or added. C.Run the ont add command to add an ONT offline, or run the ont confirm command to confirm the auto-find ONT. When ONTs are added or confirmed, the system provides four authentication modes: SN, password, SN+password, LOID+CHECKCODE. • SN authentication: The OLT detects the serial number (SN) reported by an ONT. If the SN is consistent with the OLT configuration, authentication is passed and the ONT goes online.

But it is hard to maintain ZXA10 C220 when the service is down. Network Diagram Sample: Bellow are the in-band NM networking diagram. ZTE ZXA10 C220 OLT NM Configuration Configuration Data: ZXA10 C220 in-band NM interface • VLAN ID: 1000 • Port: 0/14/1 • IP address: interface • IP address: SNMP server host • IP address; • Version: V2C • Community: private •: NOTIFICATIONS The corresponding data must be configured on the router as well. To configure the in-band NM, perform the following steps: Step-1: Configure in-band NM VLAN.

Description Specification Application Order information Questions&Comments Product Tags Effective 8PON GPON OLT,8GE electrical uplink ports, 8SFP(6*1GE+2*10GE) optical uplink ports,SNMP/Telnet/CLI/WEB management. BAUDCOM 8PON GPON OLT products are 1U height 19 inch rack mount products. The features of the OLT are small, convenient, flexible, easy to deploy, high performance. It is appropriate to be deployed in compact room environment. The OLTs can be used for “Triple-Play”, VPN, IP Camera, Enterprise LAN and ICT applications. The 8PON GPON OLT provides 8GE(copper) and 8SFP(6*1GE+2*10GE) slots independent interface for uplink, and 8*GPON OLT ports for downstream. It can support 1024 ONUs under 1:128 splitter ratio.

ZXAN(config)#show snmp config snmp-server location xxxxx, yyyyy, zzzzzzz, Bangladesh. Snmp-server contact +88-017-xxxxxxxx snmp-server packetSize 3000 snmp-server engine-id 0001 snmp-server community public view allview rw snmp-server view allview internet included snmp-server view DefaultView system included snmp-server enable trap SNMP snmp-server enable trap VPN snmp-server enable trap BGP snmp-server enable trap OSPF snmp-server enable trap RMON snmp-server enable trap STALARM Step-4: Configure SNMP server (Trap server). ZXAN(config)# snmp-server host trap version 2c private enable NOTIFICATIONS server-index 1 udp-port 162 Note: When there is trap server from other vendors besides ZTE NetNumen NMS, multiple snmp-server hosts can be configured. Step-5: Configure Trap types (optional). ZXA10 C220 supports six types of traps: SNMP, BGP, OSPF, RMON, STALARM, VPN. All traps are enabled by default. ZXAN(config)# snmp-server enable trap ZXAN(config)#exit ZXAN# Step-7: Save configuration data.

In this authentication mode, LOID has 24 bytes, and CHECKCODE has 12 bytes and is optional. Whether 24 bytes or 36 bytes are used for authentication depends on data planning, which is unified over the entire network.

• Availability Single server:MTTR 70m MTBF 259200m AVAILABLITY 99.997% Redundant servers:MTTR 8.5m MTBF 259200m AVAILABLITY 99.9997% Position NetnumenTM N31 is located in a centralized way.

A default profile can also be set which rate-limits any customers that have not had a plan designated. The examples below give 2 examples as a reference: HIGH profile - 20Mbps downlink, 2Mbps uplink LOW profile- 10Mbps downlink, 1Mbps uplink • The LOW profile is set as the default in the examples below, meaning any customers not specified to be allocated the HIGH profile will automatically be allocated the LOW profile. • If there is no profile set as default, then ONUs will not be rate-limited unless they have a profile specified.

This discovery mode is easy for future maintenance. In the always-on discovery mode, configuration is not required to be modified when an ONT is replaced and only the password is required. The always-on discovery mode has lower security. If other users know the password, the users will illegally have service permissions.

• Password authentication: The OLT detects the password reported by an ONT. If the password is consistent with the OLT configuration, the ONT goes online normally. This mode requires planning ONT passwords and does not require manually recording ONT SNs. Hence, it is applicable to adding ONTs in batches. The password authentication provides two discovery modes: always-on and once-on. • always-on: After first password authentication is passed, no SN is allocated and password authentication is always used in subsequent authentications.

******FTTH Internet Access Service****** Configure the OLT: • Create a service VLAN and add an upstream port to it.The VLAN ID is 100, and the VLAN is a smart VLAN, VLAN attribute is QinQ. Add upstream port 0/19/0 to VLAN 100. OLT(config)# vlan 100 smart OLT(config)# vlan attrib 100 q-in-q OLT(config)# port vlan 100 0/19 0 • Configure a traffic profile.You can run the display traffic table ip command to query the traffic profiles existing in the system. If the traffic profiles existing in the system do not meet the requirements, you need to run the traffic table ip command to add a traffic profile.The profile ID is 8, the CIR is 4 Mbit/s, the priority is 1, and packets are scheduled according to the priority carried. OLT(config)# traffic table ip index 8 cir 4096 priority 1 priority-policy tag-In-Packag • Add a DBA profile.You can run the display dba-profile command to query the DBA profiles existing in the system. If the DBA profiles existing in the system do not meet the requirements, you need to run the dba-profile add command to add a DBA profile.Configure the DBA profile ID to 10, type to type4, and upstream bandwidth to 100 Mbit/s.

For this mode, you need to configure all parameters (including line parameters, UNI port parameters, and service parameters) that are required for the ONU on the OLT. Generally, the ONT management mode is set to the OMCI mode. D.(Optional) When the ONT management mode is the SNMP mode, you need to configure the SNMP management parameters for the ONT. The procedure is as follows: i.Run the ont ipconfig command to configure the management IP address of the ONT. The IP address should not be in the same subnet for the IP address of the VLAN port.

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