1. Fanuc Robot Alarm Codes

Best regards Ivan • author Hello Ivan, Thanks for your comment today. The letter P is a communication error between amplifier and module. Check all of your connections, cable for CXA2A to CXA2B can be faulty. I hope you can resolve this issue.

Sep 24, 2007  I have a Miyano BNE-51SY with a Fanuc 18i-T control. And I'm getting a reoccurring alarm 436 soft thermal (OVC). I've checked the amps and all have 0's or -'s so the alarm must be on the servo motor itself. I think it's the turret index motor (A axis) but it typically occurs during a boring cycle. Can anybody suggest what I should do. I have a Miyano BNE-51SY with a Fanuc 18i-T control. And I'm getting a reoccurring alarm 436 soft thermal (OVC). I've checked the amps and all have 0's or -'s so the alarm must be on the servo motor itself. My new to me Fanuc Lr mate keeps saying it needs to be calibrated. The robot moved a bit during shipping. Parts and Accessories For Sale or Wanted.

This may sound funny but many times people don’t engage the breaker switch on the top of the drive. Other cases point to a bad cable from the motor to the drive. Regards, Jade York • Joe Good morning.

Alarm Documentation For: SRVO SRVO – 002 Teach Pendant E-Stop Cause: The EMERGENCY STOP button on the teach pendant was pressed Remedy:• Twist the teach pendant EMERGENCY STOP button clockwise to release it then press RESET • If this alarm cannot be reset – replace the teach pendant FANUC Alarms – R-30iB Plus Controller • The R-30iB Plus is the newest model controller available from FANUC robotics. This controller has many innovative updates making it more user friendly and offering new options. • With the new controller, getting to the Alarm page is very similar. • Select MENU and arrow down to 4 ALARM and hit ENTER. • This takes you to the Active Alarm screen where you can see all the alarms that were triggered – this system has no ACTIVE ALARMS.

I have a fanuc turret spindle drive with a #12 alarm that will not clear with pwr. Down and back up. I hope that you can tell me about the alarm. • author Hi Pete, Thanks for your question. #12 alarm code is most likely an IGBT has a short.

In day time it not shows any alarm. Is this is drive control PCB related alarm and control card need to repair. Please advise via mail id. • author Hello Jagdeep, #2 alarm means the drive is not getting low control voltage. When alarm occurs, check for 24vdc at CX2A. If good then drive has components out of spec causing the alarm. The drive will have to be evaluated.

Even the servo amp could cause this. Not sure what you mean by 'relaxes' but it sounds like a bad brake. Upping the load and stretching out the accel time as Racermike said would be where I would start if all mechanical/electrical is good.

This enables us to complete all repairs in a quick turnaround time. We stock an extensive collection of refurbished amplifiers, power supplies and motors. These are ready for immediate dispatch.

AL-24 is a communication error to Spindle connector JA7B. If there is a new or known good cable in place then swapping out spindle amplifiers would be the next step. (If spare is available.) Some aged or out of spec components in the Spindle amplifier can cause alarms. The Amplifier can be sent in for an evaluation. Our website,, is the portal to our nationwide repair services. We would be happy to help with an evaluation of your Fanuc amplifier, if necessary.

Robot contoller, amplifier or motor alarm. Could you please help. • author Hello George, Your issue may be the motor, or it could be a cable, or the amplifier. Reader rabbit thinking adventures ages 4 6 free download.

Repair Zone has seen many of these models in for repair through the years and has had great success! Or (989)922-0043 Best Regards, Jade York • adam schnurr Have an a06b-6111-h030#570 with an alarm code 15. I know its not my ladder we have been running this machune for 10 years.

Let us know if I can help further. If you need professional service on the unit, we can help. Go to and get your repair started. Sincerely, Jade York • Carl Hi, I have alarm #2 on my Fanuc servo amplifier (A06B 6079 H206) when the main power is first switched on in the morning.

If the magnetic contactor is still inoperative, replace the magnetic contactor. (b) The I/O unit or wiring for checking the contact of the magnetic contactor is faulty. If a defect is found in the I/O unit or wiring, replace the I/O unit or wiring. (c) The sequence (ladder) is incorrect. Modify the sequence so that switching is completed within 1 second.

Refurbished Fanuc Amplifiers, Power Supplies & Motors Here at gotronic ltd our engineers have the expertise to manage all aspects of Fanuc repairs to the Alpha product range. Our comprehensive range of product repairs covers Servo Amplifiers (SVM) and Spindle Amplifiers (SPM) to Power Supplies (PSM) in addition to a range of ‘Red Cap’ Servo Motors. We undertake comprehensive product diagnosis that allows us to identify and repair a wealth of issues. We’ve developed an innovative and fully-functional test rig that allows our engineers to efficiently program and run all aspects of any Fanuc system. We stock all required parts and accessories at our offices.

L axis IPM alarm IPML 9 M axis over-current alarm HCM 9. M axis IPM alarm IPMM b L, M axis over-current alarm HCLM b.

Alarm Code #2 Control power supply undervoltage alarm (LV5V). Alarm occurs if control circuit power supply voltage (+5V) is abnormally low (LV5V level: 4.6VDC). Alarm Code #5 Excessive regenerative discharge alarm (DCOH). Alarm occurs when average regenerative discharge energy is too high. *Causes may include operation of thermostat for regenerative discharge resistor or thermostat between (15) and (16) on terminal block T1; this operation results from too frequent acceleration/deceleration operations. If you have any questions or need assistance, please call 989-922-0043.

As an operator you can use these areas on the teach pendant to discover why/when certain faults are occurring, and find the teach pendant keystroke to help clear the faults. FANUC Alarms • When there is a fault in the system you will see the information appear in the top box of the teach pendant. In this example, there is a Fault with the fault code of SRVO-002 and a note saying Teach Pendant E-stop.

832-515-8370 Tri Star CNC Services provides will connect you to a technician located in Texas for on-site services. We work with service providers throughout the country to facilitate one-site maintenance and. We fix your parts here in the USA – at our shop in McHenry, Illinois Tri Star CNC Services troubleshoot and repair malfunctioning FANUC parts in-house at our facility in McHenry, Illinois.

If this doesn't fix the problem I'll report back whatever else I find. Thanks again.

When, many times our technicians see the same fault codes come up. Here is a list of the most common Alarm codes found on the status display on C-Series, Fanuc servo amplifiers: Alarm Code #1 Overvoltage alarm (HV). If DC voltage of main power supply is abnormally high, overvoltage alarms occurs (HV level: 430V DC). Alarm occurs when regenerative discharge resistor is disconnected. For 200V AC input, main circuit voltage is 283V DC (200 x 1.414).

Testing is performed on a closed loop to determine the source of the problem and what must be done to get it fixed. We offer an ever-growing exchange stock to expedite the process and get your CNC machinery back up and running ASAP.

A service tech told me how to find the page in the control that shows the servo loads. So I just sat and watched A-axis until it alarmed out again. On this particular Miyano I have live tooling and the tools are driven by a helical bevel gear inside the turret. When the turret lifts to index the helical gear uncouples from the A-axis motor. During non-live tool operations the A-axis servo loading ran about 5%.

369 Data transfer error (built in). 380 LED error (separate).

Regards, Jade York • Russell Thompson What does status d on my servo amp mean and how would i correct it Thanks Russell • Scott Lindsey Hello. The amplifier (AC SERVO AMP C series) has a 3 on the status.

• To go to ALARM HISTORY, select HISTORY on the top line menu. • Scroll through the Alarms here using the arrows – highlight the Error/Fault you want to learn more about. • Press the SHIFT and DIAG HELP button together you will go to a troubleshooting area where there are alarm descriptions and remedies. For this fault it reads.

Here are a couple of possibilities. The M or (Y) axis IGBT is weak or amplifier components are failing under the high temperature. The Fan must be functioning efficiently without too much contamination. The amplifier may be due for reconditioning. Sending your amplifier in to a reliable, cost-effective source like Repair Zone can get things running smoothly again. Here is a link to get you started with a free evaluation: I hope this helps!

This would require changing shorted IGBT with a new one. If this is something that you need a help with, you can send it to Repair Zone for a free evaluation and quote. You can start your repair here: If you have another question, just let us know. Best Regards, Jade York.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Lowell Kenney • author Hello Lowell, Thanks for reading The Machine Runner Blog!

To view our Fanuc Amplifiers in stock and repair capabilities at RepairZone, click here: Other Related Blog Articles: • • • Related Videos: Follow RepairZone on Linked In: Please share our Content. Author: • 37 Comments • Nimer I wont to know the servo alarm un the machine • safwat Thank you My machine write code 8 and l reed what this mean but I dont know what I do Please help me what I do • author Hi Safwat, Thank you for your question. Alarm code 8 is a L-axis over-current alarm(HCL). This alarm occurs if an abnormally high current flows in the L-axis motor. If you meg the motor and the cable and they are good, then it is probably out of spec components on your drive and it will have to be repaired.

To see our current stock list. Indeed, whether you need a replacement Fanuc Alpha Component, or complete repairs, we can help you. FANUC Series 0-C Codes Alarm no. SVU,SVUC Description Code 309 Alarm 3 - pulse coder alarm error OVC 309 Alarm 4 - Pulse coder communication error alarm 400 Alarm1 Bit7 - Overheat alarm motor 414 Alarm1 Bit5 - Overload alarm OVC 414 Alarm1 Bit3 1 DC link over-voltage alarm HV 414 Alarm1 Bit6 2 Low control power voltage alarm LV 3 Low DC link voltage LVDC 414 Alarm1 Bit 2 4 Regenerative discharge control circuit failure alarm DCSW 5 Over-Regenerative discharge alarm DCOH 414 Alarm1 Bit2 7 Dynamic brake circuit failure alarm DBRLY Alarm1 Bit6 414 Alarm1 Bit4 8 L axis over-current alarm HCL 8. L axis IPM alarm IPML 9 M axis over-current alarm HCM 9.

The #8 fault is abnormally high current flows in the L-axis motor, a very common fault. As long as the cables and motor tests good, you can isolate the 8 fault to having a blown IGBT or other bad components on the A06B-6079-H106 Fanuc amplifier. A solution would be to send it in to Repair Zone for a free evaluation and quote for repair.

Best Regards, Jade York • Daniel Kerley I have an older fanuc controlled machining center. I am getting alarm 56. I found that the fan was broken and so I replaced it. The new fan is operating perfectly but I am still getting the alarm 56. • author Hi Daniel, Thanks for contacting us with your question. Alarm 56 is an inner cooling fan stop.

• To find out more about this fault Select MENU and arrow down to 4 ALARM and hit ENTER. • This takes you to the Active Alarm screen where you can see all the alarms that are triggered when the E-stop on the teach pendant is hit. • Now go to F3 (HISTORY), this area contains the last 100 alarms/faults that have occurred. By pressing the SHIFT and DIAG HELP button together you will go to a troubleshooting area where there are alarm descriptions and remedies. For this fault it reads.

I thought I'd clarify a bit the aspects of this problem. We have a wall mounted Fanuc Arcmate 100iB, RJ2 controller. The problem hasn't appeared during testing, only when we went to programming and robot was held by servos for extended periods of time we started to get SRVO 46 OVC alarm on angles of J1 between parallel to the ground and about 30 degrees.

381 Pulsecoder phase error (separate). 382 Count error (separate). 383 Pulse error (separate). 384 Soft phase alarm (separate). 385 Serial data error (separate). 386 Data transfer error (separate). 387 Sensor error (separate).

601 Inverter: cooling fan stopped of the radiator. 603 Inverter: IPM alarm (OH).

Converter: Excessive deceleration power ON Too large or abnormal regenerative discharge amount. Servo Alarms For Series 16i, 18i, 20i, 21i, 0i, and PowerMate i Alarm Code Description 361 Pulsecoder phase error (built in). 364 Soft phase alarm (built in). 365 LED error (built in). 366 Pulse error (built in).

You can usually narrow it down to one of them by swapping out components and trying them in a different axis. Once you find what isn’t working, you can send it in to get verified and evaluated. Repair Zone will do it free of charge, and provide a repair quote. Let us know and we can assist you. Regards, Jade York • George Hi We have a Fanuc power mate H and there a LED indication S1,S0,WD and EN. The S1 LED is red now.

What that indication means. Could you please help us. • author Hello George, Thanks for your question. From where I am standing, most likely it is a connection/communication issue. Free turbo grafx 16 roms. Check (JS1A to JS1) and (JX1B jumper or connection to next drive). I hope this works for you.

THE ISSUE I HAVE NOW: If the robot is told to stop once after it has filled the ladle-(from bad machine signal) The 7th axis completely relaxes and then causes OVC alarms! How do i get rid of the OVC alarms on a ladle full of aluminum? Also moving the robot in manual, if ladle is full and the dead man is released an OVC will occur. Some how 2nd shift always finds a way to fault the robot and cause OVC when it is nowhere near a collision. Yea Im sure it has always run at these settings cause the fella who set it up 6 years ago hasn't been back since,,,,, the ovc alarm started occurring after adding a application that calls for heavier load to the 7th axis. Increasing the gear ratio is done on controlled start?

Any other ways to solve this issue? Disregard my original post!! The fact that this robot is wall mounted is significant.

Cycle power and retest for the OVC alarm. Check to make sure you have 'brake on hold' enabled. It is under the setup menu Menu, 6, F1 type, general. Then cycle the power off and then back on for the change to take effect. There is a setting to change the wait time for the brakes to come on.

Regards, Jade York • Jagdeep Ohlan My machine servo amplifier A06B-6079-H204 A and shows alarm 2 in status in morning when machine starts after 3 hrs. Off due to shift change.

The smaller fan located inside the yellow case is the fan that must be changed. If that was changed and there is still a fault, then there could be components out of spec, trace damage, or other issues. If you need further assistance, you can send your unit in to Repair Zone for a free evaluation. Repair Slip: Best Regards, Jade York Repair Zone • Pete Schneider Hi. No comment but a hopeful question.

448 Feedback mismatch alarm. 449 Inverter: IPM alarm. 453 Soft disconnection alarm (a pulse coder).

I was going to try to increase the allowed amp to for that axis to see if that would effect the over currents.but that axis disturbance torque cannot be adjusted, J7 it is (****) with the alarm message Collision Detect Disabled. Would Setting payload even affect the rotation of this axis? J7 it is in SubGroup 1 and not a separate group 2. When was the last time the 7th axis grease/oil changed? Since it's subject to heat, it could be now be a stinky, black, watery substance that has little value as a lubricant. Check for metal content in the grease/oil, you may have a bearing going bad. Motor could also be the fault if it weak or has a dragging brake.

Fanuc Robot Alarm Codes

• This brings up the ACTIVE ALARM screen – currently there are no alarms, but you can do a bit of diagnostic research. Once on this screen, select the TYPE option on the top line menu. Arrow down to REPORTING and hit ENTER. • The Reporting Screen shows the Top 5 Faults by Incident.

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