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You can even share your patches with others or use a cool patch someone else created. ToneLib for Windows. ToneLib for Mac OSX. Supported Devices.

Im a big u2 fan an have a great edge patches. If you want some sound bites, just ask.

Each time you press the switch, the bank will cycle between STD (Standard), SPL (Special), CST (Custom), STD. • b 、CABINET ON/OFF switch and LED This turns the cabinet model on/off. The LED will be lit if the cabinet model is on. By entering OPTION parameter setting mode you can set parameters for the cabinet model.

The following illustration shows the signal flow within the ToneLab ST. 这部分讲述关于放大器模型和音箱模型,还有踏板效果器,调制/延迟效果器, 以及混响效果器的内容。 Amp models 放大器模型. • 配给表情踏板用于控制。如果需要了解更多关于为表情踏板分配参数的详情,请 参阅“为表情踏板分配功能(快速分配) ” 。 1. CLEAN STD (Standard) This models the clean channel of a high-quality amp that was produced only on special order, and was known as the overdrive special. With a beautifully rounded low range, a sharp midrange attack, and a sweet treble register, this is ideal for single coil pickups. • SPL (Special) This models the 22W Bruno Cowtipper Pro II 22 which owes its existence to a special friend of VOX, the custom amp designer Tony Bruno. It responds with extreme sensitivity to your playing touch, and its silky-sweet clean tone will become a crunch sound rich in overtones when you turn up the volume.

I've never found or been able to dial in really good 'twang' tones. Don't know what the deal is I ended up just using a DM-2 and a CS-1 through my Blues Junior. I was using it for a while through my Acoustasonic for the dirtier tones. But, when I got the Marshalls, I just lost interest in it even for that. What I wish though is that I could turn off the amp models and just use the effects and such, as I might throw it through the Marshalls then as I also have the VC-12 foot controller.

• 根据混响旋钮的位置不同,可以选择不同的混响类型(SPRING,ROOM 或者 HALL) 并且调节混响声音的混合数量。 5. Program Select / Tuner section 5、编程音色选择/调音器部分 a. UP/DOWN pedals and LEDs Selecting a program (p.9, “Trying out the programs”) Pressing the UP pedal will increment the program by one, and pressing the DOWN pedal will decrement the program by one. You can hold down the UP pedal and press the EXIT/TUNE key to increment the program by ten. Setting/Display section 6、设置/显示部分 a.

Running it through an Alesis SUMO 100 Keyboard amp with very good results. I have yet to do some recording with it (will mic the keyboard amp most likely).

And i can send some. Heres a few songs i posted that i used my own patches to record with just useing a tonelab - pc conection. Free - all right now - bon jovi - livin on a prayer. I picked up a TLSE last Monday. Replaced the tube with a Groove Tube 12AX7M (mullard) and it improved the low end and breakup (smoother/thicker). Running it through an Alesis SUMO 100 Keyboard amp with very good results.

We’ve modeled the lead channel that produces the ultimate high-gain tone. SPL(专用型) 这个模仿加州制造的放大器(音箱头) ,具有三通道设计,多功能开关,可以产 生广泛的声音。我们模拟了领唱通道,发挥了极限的高增益音色。 CST (Custom) This two-channel 120W head manufactured in Mississippi was designed for a legendary guitar hero known for his “brown sound.” This amp models features a high-gain sound that’s ideal for the tapping performance technique. • Since active-circuit tone controls are used on this model as well, a wide range of tonal variety can be obtained. CST(定制型) 这是一个原始的放大器模型,基于近期的一款高增益放大器,其显著特点是,丰 富而热情的中频音色,还有强劲的维持音。 自从有源电路音调控制器被应用于这款模型, 更大范围的音调多样化设置都可以 做出来。 Cabinet models 音箱模型 These simulate the acoustical character of a guitar amp’s cabinet. 这些模拟吉他放大器音箱箱体的声学特性。 1. • 这个提供了 12 英寸的陶瓷磁体扬声器,通过 4 欧姆负荷的阻抗平行连接。 6. VOX AC15 This is the cabinet of an open back combo amp containing one of the famous 12-inch “VOX blue Alnico speakers” made by the British company Celestion.

This selects the pedal type. If the pedal effect is turned off, turning this selector will turn the pedal effect on. 这里选择踏板的类型。 如果踏板效果被关闭,转动该选择器就会打开踏板效果。 c. EDIT knob This adjusts the parameters of each effect.

If I were seeking a Bluesy tone with some rough edges with the blackface model, I'd turn up the gain, turn up the mid real high and down real low on the bass to keep it from crumbling. But my favorite is the Tweed 4x12. Thats the best model in the unit in my book. Its great clean or dirty and best right in between. The Fender magic 6's seem to work well on the Fender models as a starting point (gain at 6,treble at 6, mid at 3 and bass on 2 or 3) Remember, with the tonelab, the Fender and Vox models never had a master volume, so keep the Virtual gain maxed or close to it to suck all that goodness from the tube. Consider the Gain knob as your Volume knob.

I have the Tonelab desktop model. I never use patches, per se. I set it up just like I would an amp with a few effects in front.

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4、直流 12 伏电源接口. LEVEL knob This adjusts the output level of the OUTPUT/PHONES jack. 9、音量旋钮[LEVEL] 这个可以用来调节输出/耳机插座的音量。 10.AMP/LINE switch The correct setting of this switch will depend on what is connected to the OUTPUT/PHONES jack. For details, refer to “Making connections” (p.8). 10、放大器/线路开关[AMP/LINE] 这个开关的正确设置依赖于连接到输出/耳机插座的信号。如果需要了解更多内. • However, compensation will not be applied if the amp model is off. VOX: Use this setting if the output is connected to an amp that has a distinctive mid-range such as the AC30 open backed combo amp made by the VOX Corporation.

I always use manual mode, and never the presets. Anyway, I set treble at about 5, mid at 4, bass at 2.5 (because there's no sense recording with lots of bass just to eq it out later), presence at full, gain at 3.5, and VR gain at full. I use either the Vox AC15TB or Vox AC30 models, and the tones I get with those settings are incredible. Of course, what sounds fantastic to me might sound like absolute garbage to you, so I'd advise only using these settings as a rough guideline for your work. I would definitely recommend, however, only using the manual mode until you get the hang of the unit.

Dedicated editing software lets you tweak and save sounds using your computer. Built-in tuner. Sturdy construction.

Is the AC outlet worki ng properly?. • 请确认你的耳机或者连接的线缆 没有问题。 表情踏板是否被分配为增益或者 音量,而且完全朝向你自己? 你是否激活了处于静音状态的调音器? Effects don’t apply. Could the effect setting be off? E the selector to select the effect that you want to use, or use the effect on/off switch to turn the effect on. • Could the tuner be active? The effects are bypassed if the tuner is active.

The Vox ToneLab SE Tube Driven Modeling Floorboard Processor is a large-format multi-effect and modeling processor that delivers the warm, fat distortion of pure tube sound. You also get a wide range of effects, and 2 expression pedals for complete control during performances. It is packed with 16 accurate and versatile models that cover a range from classic vintage amps and cabs to modern gear. Also features a wide range of effects models that are easily editable. A/B channel switch lets you change between 2 amp/cab settings within a single program. 2 expression pedals give you control over wah, volume, and more.

这里我们将向你介绍 ToneLab ST 前面板上的开关,控制器,以及连接器。 Top panel 前面板 1. • Here you’ll create settings for the amp model. For details on each effect, refer to “Amp models” (p.13). 1、放大器部分 这里你可以为放大器模型创建设置。 如果需要了解每个效果器的细节,请参阅“放大器模型”部分。 a. AMP bank select switch and LED Use this to switch the bank, or to turn the amp model on/off.

• Trying out the programs 体验编程音色 The ToneLab ST has a total of one hundred programs, consisting of rewritable user programs (No.0–49) and preset programs (No.50–99). For details on the preset programs, refer to “Preset program list” (p.31). ToneLab ST 总共拥有一百种编程音色,由可擦写的用户音色(序号 0-49)和预. • There are two ways to create your own sound: you can start with a program that’s similar to what you have in mind and then edit the parameters as desired, or you can create a program from scratch. 有两种方式可以创建你自己的声音: 你可以根据自己印象中的声音寻找相似的编 程音色,然后按照需要编辑其参数;或者你也可以从零开始创建一个编程音色。.

Im a big u2 fan an have a great edge patches. If you want some sound bites, just ask.

I think its great (after spending £300 on it i should hope its great!!!). The tape echo effect is the best ive heard, and you can get a perfect hank marvin tone if you try. The distortion patches aint bad, got a great recto patch, and i got a great slash setting, and its not as popular as the pod so i liked it that i was not one of many that had it, giving my sound slightly differernt. Also, the pod xt isnt that useable on stage unless you buy the floor board for it. Which is just a small gripe. The tone lab is easy to use, and you can get alot out of it if used right.

编辑旋钮[EDIT] 这里调节每种效果的参数。 3. MOD/DELAY section Here you can make settings for the modulation effect, delay effect, and other effects such as pitch shift. 调制/延迟选择器 这里选择调制效果,延迟效果,或者其它效果器的类型。 如果效果类型是关闭的,转动该选择器就会打开效果类型。 c. EDIT knob This adjusts the parameters of each effect. You can use this knob to adjust two different parameters, EDIT 1 or EDIT 2. The specific parameters that are adjusted will depend on the selected effect. • 你可以通过按住 TAP 开关并且转动 EDIT 旋钮(EDIT 2)来编辑诸如 SPEED 或者 PITCH 效果。如果需要了解详情,请参阅“调制/延迟类型”部分。 4.

• “ ”, and will then indicate “ ”. In this case, perform the procedure from step 4. NOTE: If you are repeatedly unsuccessful in adjusting the sensitivity, it is possible that the ToneLab ST has malfunct ioned. Please contact your nearby VOX dealer. • 连接到你的电脑(USB连接) If you use a commercially available USB cable to connect the ToneLab ST to your computer, you’ll be able to use librarian software on your computer to manage user programs, and use the ToneLab ST as a USB audio interface. • Mac:苹果 OS X 10.4 或更高版本(Power PC G4 或更高/Intel CPU) Transferring audio data 传递音频数据 If the ToneLab ST is connected to your computer via a U cable, the ToneLab ST’s effect output can be recorded directly into an audio track of your DAW software. You’ll also be able to monitor the audio playback of your software via the ToneLab ST.

All from within one fast, intuitive application. Adobe lightroom ita torrent. And showcase your work in elegant print layouts, slide shows, and web galleries, as well as on popular photo-sharing sites. Now you have more power than ever before to create great images in challenging light.

That would be my best advice. What are the artists you like playing through? What equipment do they use? Do your favorite Blues artists use Fender bassman amps (tweed 4x10)? Or do you like guys that use Twin Reverbs (blackface 2x12)? Tube screamers? (tube overdrive on the pedal knob) For Country tones, I pretty my go back and forth between the AC-30 and the Blackface models.

Reverb section Here you can make settings for the reverb effect. For details on each reverb effect, refer to “Reverb types” (p.22). 4、混响部分[Reverb] 这里你可以对混响效果器进行设置。如果需要了解每种混响效果的详情,请参阅 “混响类型”部分。 a. REVERB ON/OFF switch and LED This turns the reverb effect on/off.

• 建模效果处理器 ToneLab ST 用户手册. • Table of Contents 目录 Introduction..4 简介..4 Main features..4 主要功能..4 Panel Tour for the guitarist (Top and rear panels).6 吉他演奏家的面板导航(前面板和后面板).6 Top panel..6 前面板..6 Rear panel..18 后面板..18 Making connections..21 线缆连接..21 Trying out the programs..24 体验编程音色..24 Creating your own sounds..24 创造你自己的声音..24 Creating a sound..25 创建一个声音..25. • 表情踏板设置..60 Assigning a function to the expression pedal (Quick Assign).61 为表情踏板分配功能(快速分配)..61 Expression pedal minimum and maximum values.64 表情踏板的最大最小值..64 Adjusting the sensitivity of the expression pedal.68 调节表情踏板的灵敏度..68 Connecting to your computer (USB connection).70 连接到你的电脑(USB连接)..70 Using librarian software..70 使用管理库软件..70 Transferring audio data..71 传递音频数据..71 Restoring the factory settings..72 恢复出厂设置..72. • Main features 主要功能. The ToneLab ST features a power amp circuit that uses a miniature triode 12AX7 (ECC83) vacuum tube normally used in preamps, generating the sound of a real tube amp, and capturing the feel and tone of the original amplifier (Valvetronix technology). If you use a commercially available USB cable to connect the ToneLab ST to your computer, you’ll be able to use librarian software on your computer to manage user programs, or use the ToneLab ST as a USB audio interface. • Panel Tour for the guitarist (Top and rear panels) 吉他演奏家的面板导航(前面板和后面板) Here we’ll introduce you to the switches, controls, and connectors on the ToneLab ST’s top panel.

Vox Tonelab St Reviews

Hank marvin originaly played a strat though a ac 30 with a tape echo of some sort. With the Vox AC30 amp model selected and the gain/EQ tweeked and a echo setting added. I have more or less got a great tone of his on my strat which is highly compairable to the original recordings. So find out what amps your 'heros' play on, and chances are a emulator will come close to it. Got a great 'Slash' tone with a overdrived marshall + a boss DS1 selected on the vox +reverb an quick delay, sounds autentic with my les paul + seymore duncan pups. Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post JamesMarshallHendrix Amps and Amp Modeling 4 12:01 AM ESP1982 Amps and Amp Modeling 4 09:53 PM desertbluesman Amps and Amp Modeling 0 04:02 PM desertbluesman Amps and Amp Modeling 1 08:41 AM Kewlpack Amps and Amp Modeling 4 11:26 AM Dante Amps and Amp Modeling 22 02:47 PM mcnach Buy and Sell 1 02:35 AM Similar Issues Issue Issue Starter Forum Replies Last Post.

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When you’re editing a parameter, this shows the parameter value you’re editing. If the parameter value matches the original value, the decimal point segment in the lower right of the LED will momentarily go dark (p.11, “Parameter original value indication”). • By holding down this switch for about two seconds, you can activate the Key Lock function, which locks disables the operations of the switches, selectors, and knobs on the top panel. To deactivate this function, hold own the switch once again for about two seconds. Expression pedal section 7、表情踏板部分[EXP] a. EXP LED This will light when the effect assigned to the expression pedal is on. 表情踏板[EXP]的 LED 指示灯 当分配给表情踏板的效果器开启时,这个指示灯会被点亮。 b.

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