CD1 - Greatest Hits 01. Suicide Blonde 03. The Strangest Party (There Are The Times) 05. Need You Tonight 06. Original Sin. Dec 09, 2015  THE STROKES GREATEST HITS (2015) The Vinyl Bird 2. Unsubscribe from The Vinyl Bird 2? The Strokes; Album Room On Fire; Writers.

Devil inside 17. By my side 19. Born to be wild 20.

The Loved One 05. Stay Young 06. The One Thing 07.

INXS / Mystify (Live From America) 02. Suicide Blonde (Live From America) 03. New Sensation (Live From America) 04. Tight (The Automator Remix) 05. Precious Heart (Radio Edit Tall Paul vs. I'm So Crazy (Radio Edit Par-T-One vs.

Cut Your Roses Down (Sure Dub Mix) [Mixed by Sure Is Pure] 08. What You Need (Cold Cut Mix) [Mixed by Cold Cut] 09. Devil Inside (12' Mix) [Mixed by Francois Kevorkian and Michael Hutchence] Descarga.

Different World - 7' 13. Calling All Nations - Kids On Bridges Remix Descarga. CD1 - Greatest Hits 01. Suicide Blonde 03. The Strangest Party (There Are The Times) 05. Need You Tonight 06. Original Sin 07.

What You Need 17. Listen Like Thieves 18. Just Keep Walking 19. Bitter Tears 20. Baby Don't Cry CD 2 01. Don't Change 02.

Need You Tonight (Mash Up) Performer – Gwen Stefani 17. New Sensation – Live At The Edinburgh Playhouse 18. What You Need – Live At The Edinburgh Playhouse 19. Mystify – Live At The Edinburgh Playhouse 20. Disappear – Live At Brixton Acadamy, 1994 Descarga.

Calling All Nations 12. Tiny Daggers CD 2 01. Never Tear Us Apart - Soul Version 02. Move On - Guitar Version 03. I'm Coming (Home) 04. On The Rocks 05.

Jan’s Song (Live) 39. By My Side (Live) 40. The Loved One (Live) 41. Elegantly Wasted (Live) 42. New Sensation (Live) Descarga. Kumpulan desain undangan format cdr. Need You Tonight 02.

In conclusion, this song is notable for its slow and relaxing tempo, and guitar line. The monotone vocals drill it and add to the slow tempo. It's short length also is appropriate for being the title track and makes it stay true to it's name, leaving you anticipating some great stuff coming up ahead on the album. An intro to one of the greatest album of all time. The Modern Age The Modern Age is recgonised as a Strokes classic due its trademark features. Starting off with a stark staccato riff, it builds up tension, before loosening as the rhythm guitar comes in, instantly soothing you. The drums are playing a static drum bass pattern, which obviously means it is building up to something.

Did I mention the solo was kick-ass? A nostalgic, unforgettable track and a kicker so early in the album. Soma Severely underrated track, though I can see why some don't like it. However, it feels absolutely grand in the beginning, with the rhythm guitar and crash symbol making love to produce a loud and demanding intro, as the lead guitar comes in with three simple notes going up in ascending order, giving the song an uplifting feel. It suddenly breaks this loose feeling into a very tight and compact drum beat which almost sounds programmed, as the guitar strums two simple chords, going down then back up as Casablancas' voice alternates between going up and down too, creating a surprisingly catchy melody. The lead guitar with the ascending notes also help to the tight feel.

While it may not be their flashiest, the slow tempo and distorted guitar line gives it a homemade, rugged and garage feel, as Casablancas' monotone and effortless delivery of the vocals put you in a trance. After hypnotizing you, the rhythm guitar comes in and snaps you out of it, putting colour on a black and white painting and giving the song some life.

Bitter Tears (Live) 33. To Look At You (Live) 34. In Vain (Live) 35. Just Keep Walking (Live) 36.

Listen Like Thieves 17. Bitter Tears 18. Baby Don't Cry CD2 - All Juiced Up 01. Taste It (Youth Accapella Mix) [Mixed by Youth] 02.

New Sensation 15. What You Need 16.

Elegantly Wasted 19. Let It Ride 20. Don't Lose Your Head 21. Searching Descarga. Need you tonight 02. What you need 03.

Need You Tonight 02. Devil Inside 03. New Sensation 04. Never Tear Us Apart 05. Suicide Blonde 08. Disappear 09.

Mistify - Chicago Demo 06. Jesus Was A Man - Demo/Outtakes 07. The Trap - Demo 08.

Halfway through the first verse, Casablancas raises his voice, ' HIGH STAKES FOR A FEW NAMES', the song almost liquefies, and what attributes to this feeling is the rhythm guitar playing arpeggios, as the lead is still going up. The chorus then transports you into a void, with the ride cymbal making it feel spacey as the dramatic short notes of Valensi's guitar alternate between mere semitones, as Albert's guitar starts descending, making you feel like you're going down, and the bass rolls in, dropping you into a hole, but then the grand opening comes in again, saving you and pulling you out of that descending loop by starting anew. The grand crashes extend though, and the bass provides some variation, making it feel like the 'human' part of the song, before that glorious lead comes in to take us to heaven. The song breaks out again with the same verse, though it becomes much more intense as the end of the second chorus breaks into a mini drum roll, with the guitars playing that dramatic lead and rhythm, leaving you to bang your head in complete ecstasy, and Casablancas releases all his energy into this outro by pouring out his heart and then easing up on the end which then followed by the grand crashes from the intro, but cut short, again leaving mystery of the next track. In short, this track is loved by me and deserves a spot as a great hit because of the raw energy behind it, as well as the contrast between a loose, slow beat followed by a very strict one, then forgetting it all to produce this whirlpool of leftover energy which appropriately ends the song.

Breakaway (Sydney Studio Demo) 09. Reckless Ways (Moontan Double J Concert At Manly Vale Hotel, October 1980) 10. Pretzel Logic (Moontan Double J Concert At Manly Vale Hotel, October 1980) 11. Reasons (Moontan Double J Concert At Manly Vale Hotel, October 1980) 12. Feeling Good (Moontan Double J Concert At Manly Vale Hotel, October 1980) 13.

INXS) Descarga. Simple Simon (Single A-Side, 1980) 02. Just Keep Walking 05. Learn to Smile 06. Roller Skating 09. Body Language 10. Newsreel Babies 11.

Shining Star 11. Beautiful Girl 12. Listen like thieves 13. New Sensation 14. Bitter Tears 15. Original Sin 16.

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