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Press 9 for region-free, or 1 for region 1, 2 for region 2, etc. Press OPEN on the Player to open the disc tray. Press STANDBY (POWER) on the remote control to close the tray. Next time the player is turned on it will set to the region specified. Jul 05, 2008 .

Just bought a refurbish Samsung Blu Ray dvd player, it was suppose to be region free. Samsung BD-C5900, Samsung BD-C6500, Samsung BD-C6900, Samsung BD-C7500. Full HD 1080p Blu-ray Player BD-C6500. Solutions & Tips, Download Manual, Contact Us. Samsung Support CA.

Samsung BD-H6500 - region free code/hack? Suggests) A Samsung BDH6500 and so far it's very good. My only issue now is that I want to play some region 1. DVD Hacks > Samsung HT-C6500 region code Help us keep the list up to date and Submit new DVD and Blu-ray Players here. This list is based from user reports and we have not verified or tested any region codes.

Wait until the main menu page appears and the player stops doing anything. Press the eject button to open the tray. (The button is between the 'Power' and 'TV Power' buttons at the top of the controller.) 5.

Don't bash away like crazy, just do it smoothly and briskly. If you don't see the '4' the first time, don't worry.

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Repeat then 76884 and then 9 works for me with current firmware. I didn't expect it to, but it did =:0 This hack appears to only work for existing region 4 players. There have been no reports of it working for any other region as far as I can tell. Samsung have either changed the codes for the other regions (most likely), or perhaps the remote on Australian players is slightly different.

REMOTE CONTROL SENSOR Detects signals from the remote control. DISPLAY Displays the playing status, time, etc. OPEN/CLOSE BUTTON Opens and closes the disc tray. STOP BUTTON Stops disc playback. PLAY/PAUSE BUTTON Plays a disc or pauses playback.

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DVD Player Hacks Updated Add 9 user region code comments March 31, 2015 The hack for this 3D Blu Ray player is the same as for previous models. Make sure NO disc or usb stick is inserted into the player. Turn on your your blu ray player. When the main menu appears, press the REPEAT button followed by the region code your player is currently locked to - depending on which country you are in (eg: in Australia press 'REPEAT 7 6 8 8 4'. In the top right corner you will see your region code flash (eg: 4 for Australia). Turn off and on and your BD-E6500 is now region free. How this differs from the opening post is no need to open and close the disc tray.

It took me about a dozen tries before I got it to work. I can't guarantee that this player does not have a region change counter so I would be a bit careful about changing regions back and forth. I also can't guarantee that this will work with all released firmware. Samsung seems to take this crazy region bastardry very seriously for some reason. For people from other parts of the world, all region codes are as follows 1 - 2 9 3 3 4 2 - 5 7 5 3 8 3 - 5 6 7 3 2 4 - 7 6 8 8 4 5 - 5 3 8 1 4 6 - 2 4 4 6 2 Posted on Nov 21, 2010. Ensure that there is no disk in the tray.

3) Press the OPEN/CLOSE button on the remote twice, to open then close the disc tray. 4) As soon as you see 'No-Disc' displayed in the top left corner, press the REPEAT button followed by the 5 digit code for your current region as listed below. (Mine was 57538 for region 2) Don't press the REPEAT button for too long, just smoothly press REPEAT 5 7 5 3 8.

Now the tricky bits. This process is timing dependent. Firstly, you must start entering the code just after the 'No Disk' message is shown and before the message disappears. If you jump the gun or miss the boat (isn't English great!) it won't work. Secondly, the REPEAT key is part of the code. All six keys must be entered smoothly as 'REPEAT 7 6 8 8 4'. The entry gets timed out so you can't stop in the middle and restart.

Samsung DVD-V8500K 1. The player should be powered on, the tray closed without any disc inside, the logo 'DVD Video Samsung' visble on screen and the message No Disc must have already appeared.

Samsung seems to take this crazy region bastardry very seriously for some reason. For people from other parts of the world, all region codes are as follows 1 - 2 9 3 3 4 2 - 5 7 5 3 8 3 - 5 6 7 3 2 4 - 7 6 8 8 4 5 - 5 3 8 1 4 6 - 2 4 4 6 2 Posted on Nov 22, 2010. Hi, Do the following step to make your DVD player region free. 1.Turn machine on without disc inside 2.Press menu button 3.Enter region code (See below for list) 4.A highlighted 'region area number' will appear in the upper left corner (some players) 5.Press 9 to change the region number to multi-regional 6.Turn DVD off (remove power from mains) next time when u power on the DVD,it will be region free. Region 1 - 29334 2 - 38767 or, 5 7 5 3 8 3 - 56732 4 - 76884 5 - 53814 6 - 24462 ok Jan 22, 2011 . Samsung DVD-V8500K 1. The player should be powered on, the tray closed without any disc inside, the logo 'DVD Video Samsung' visble on screen and the message No Disc must have already appeared.

Samsung Bd C6500 Remote Control

Contact Center Region Area Web Site Canada 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) www.samsung.com/ca North America Mexico 01-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) www.samsung.com/mx U.S.A 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) www.samsung.com/us. • QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS? COUNTRY CALL OR VISIT US ONLINE AT WRITE Samsung Electronics America, Inc. 1-800-SAMSUNG IN THE US www.samsung.com 105 Challenger Road Ridgefield Park, (7267864) NJ AK68-01859A.

• Connections Connecting to a TV Case 1: Connecting to a TV with an HDMI Cable - Best Quality (Recommended) Using an HDMI cable, connect the HDMI OUT terminal on the rear of the player to the HDMI IN terminal of your TV. Turn on the player and TV. • Connections Case 2: Connecting to a TV with DVI Cable - Best Quality (Recommended) Using an HDMI-DVI cable, connect the HDMI OUT terminal on the rear of the player to the DVI IN terminal of your TV. Using the audio cables, connect the AUDIO OUT (red and white) terminals on the rear of the player to the AUDIO IN (red and white) terminals of your TV. • Case 3: Connecting to a TV (Component) - Better Quality Connecting to your TV using Component video cables. You will enjoy high quality images with accurate color reproduction.

CURRENT TIME AND Displays the play time and the current status. STATUS INDICATOR WIFI INDICATOR Lights when the wireless network is connected. • Getting Started Rear Panel Can be used for network based services (See pages 53~58), BD-LIVE and software upgrades using a network connection.

• Depending on the type of television you have, you BD Wise is Samsung’s latest inter-connectivity may want to adjust the screen setting. When you connect Samsung players with BD • 16:9 Normal Wise to each other via HDMI, the optimum resolution will be set automatically. • Resolution according to the output mode • Blu-ray Disc playback HDMI / connected HDMI / not connected Output Setup HDMI Mode Component/VIDEO Mode Component Mode VIDEO Mode Auto Optimal Resolution 480i 1080p, Movie Frame(24Fs) off 1080p@60F 480i 1080p/1080i, 1080p@24F 480i Movie Frame(24Fs) on 1080i, Movie Frame(24Fs) off 1080i. • Setup HDMI Format HDMI Deep Color You can optimize the color setting from the HDMI Set to output the picture from the HDMI OUT jack output. With Deep Color or not.

Region Hack Samsung Bd C6500 Owners Manual

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Enter 7 6 8 8 4 on the number pad. The region code '4' should appear at the top left corner of the screen. Enter a '9' to make the player region free. (Enter a region code if you want to lock the player to another region for some obscure or perverse reason.) 12.

• In the list of networks, press the ▲▼ buttons To test the connection, press the ▼ button to select a network, and then press the to select Network Test, and then press the ENTER button. ENTER button. If the PIN/Security pop-up appears, go to Setting Up the Wireless Network Connection Step 7. • Setup ✎ Enter the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and NOTE Gateway values. What is a valid certificate? When the player uses BD-LIVE to send the disc data Press the ▼ to go to DNS. And a request to the server to certify the disc, the Press the ▼.

(See pages 38~42) Broadband service Wireless IP sharer Networking with PC for AllShare function (See pages 58~59) NOTE. • Use the HDMI cable to connect the player to an Network Setting is needed to use various Internet services. Anynet+(HDMI-CEC)-compliant Samsung TV.

Samsung Bd C6500 Manual

In the start screen of the Internet@TV service, you will see the service agreement screen. • ✎ NOTE You can use this Screen Keypad in a several Samsung Electronics shall take no legal responsibility Internet@TV applications. For any interruption of the Internet@TV service caused by the service provider for any reasons. The Internet@TV service is to download and process data via the Internet so that you can enjoy the contents on the TV screen. • Account Login System Setup For a more enjoyable application experience, Reset register and log in to your account. To do this, you must create an account first. Resets Internet@TV settings to factory default (For instructions on creating an account, refer to settings.

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