You are here: Home / Download Chillout, Downtempo, Lounge Music / Pink (P!nk) – Discography 2000-2012 MP3 320kbps. Pink (P!nk) –. Alecia Beth Moore, known professionally as Pink, is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actress. She was signed to her first record label with original R&B girl.

P!nk - How Come You're Not Here (03:12) 07. P!nk - Slut Like You (03:41) 08. P!nk - The Truth About Love (03:50) 09. P!nk - Beam Me Up (04:27) 10.

P!nk - U + Ur Hand (04:14) 07. P!nk - I Don't Believe You (04:23) 08. P!nk - Crystal Ball (03:54) 09. P!nk - One Foot Wrong (03:18) 10.

Madonna did it first and was a trend setter. Gaga is coming off as a pale imitation. Once Bieber shaves his head, I might listen to a song of his all the way through. Oh, P!nk ftw! This is HER thread, damn it!

Other more recent work include recording cover versions of popular songs for movies and television including the Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” for the Netflix animated musical series Beat Bugs 2016 and “White Rabbit” for Tim Burton’s Through the Looking Glass 2016. She has also collaborated with Celine Dion and Kenny Chesney in separate projects. Personal Life Away from the record studio, Pink’s life was also evolving. She married her boyfriend, Motocross star Carey Hart, in Costa Rica, after proposing to him during one of his races. But like her parents’ marriage, Pink’s union with Hart proved to be tumultuous, and just two years after they exchanged vows, the couple separated. Her fifth album, Funhouse 2008, drew from the raw emotions she was feeling from her separation.

P!nk (I'm Not Dead) 2006 Platinum Edition Cover Singles After two straight flawless albums ( M!ssundaztood and Try This), P!nk obviously had something live up to. This is a good album, but IMO, slightly below the other 2. Great songs, and hooks. But I think it just didn't seemed to flow in the same way as the others did. But I still recommend I'm Not Dead to anyone out there looking for something to listen too. I actually gave this one an even lower rating (from 4 Stars to 3 1/2 Stars) since the last time I listened to this one. Like I said before, it just doesn't jell as a whole to my ears.

Pink - One Foot Wrong (03:24) 05. Pink - Please Don't Leave Me (03:51) 06.


Blow Me (One Last Kiss) 4:15 3. Just Give Me A Reason (featuring Nate Ruess) 4:02 5. True Love (featuring Lily Rose Cooper) 3:50 6. How Come You're Not Here 3:12 7. Slut Like You 3:42 8. The Truth About Love 3:48 9.

I was actually shocked at how good of a singer P!nk is. She has a very bluesy, smokey sounding voice, that just takes you places. I can and still do, listen to this with headphones at night in the dark when I just want to veg and not do anything. A lot of the songs have tell-tale beats that definitely mark the time of when it came out.

My Signature Move 3:44 15. Is This Thing On? Good Old Days 4:02 Japanese Bonus Track 18.

P!nk, once again knocks it so far out of the park, that she may have done the impossible: Not being able to top this album: Funhouse. P!nk had alot to measure up to with both M!ssundaztood and Try This. I'm Not Dead, although a very good record, just wasn't perfect. This was where I was 'ok, this is where the downward slide of the artist begins'. My fears were quickly dispelled after the first 3 songs for Funhouse.

Please Don't Leave Me (03:52) 15. Bad Influence (03:36) 16. Funhouse (03:25) 17. I Don't Believe You (04:36) 18. Whataya Want From Me (03:48) 19. Raise Your Glass (03:23) 20. F**kin' Perfect (03:32) 21.

The record included the No. 1 hit single “Stupid Girls”, a pointed attack on the infatuation and celebrity surrounding people like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. “It was more of a social commentary on these girls, who think they have to be stick thin and have the latest handbag,” she explained.

Her fourth studio album,, was released in 2006 and fared moderately on the charts. It generated seven singles, including top 10 singles ', ', and '.

Her sixth album,, was released in 2012 and produced six singles, ', ', ', ', ', and '. Pink has sold over 42 million albums and 75 million singles worldwide. In the United States, she has sold over 16 million albums. In 2017, the singer released her seventh album, which topped the charts in Australia, Austria, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Its lead single ' reached number one in Australia and the Netherlands. • 'I Don't Believe You' did not enter the, but reached number 17 on the extension chart. • 'Today's the Day' did not enter the Billboard Hot 100, but reached number 17 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles extension chart.

Just a quick listen to Respect and you will know what I'm talking about. Luv the song because of it too. 18 Wheeler probably has the best vocal harmonies on the entire album.

Ond album, “Get the Party Started”, a powerhouse hit that climbed into the Top 5. It was the perfect launch for her sophomore record, M!ssundaztood, a rock-infused record that went on to sell more than 10 million copies worldwide. A year later, Pink rewarded her fans with her third album, Try This, an even more rock-centric record that netted the singer a hit single (“Trouble”) and a Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance.

P!nk - Hooker (Hidden Track) (03:04) 2006 - I'm Not Dead [2007 Platinum Edition] 01. P!nk - Stupid Girls (03:16) 02. P!nk - Who Knew (03:28) 03. P!nk - Long Way To Happy (03:49) 04. P!nk - Nobody Knows (03:59) 05.

But it proved to be a hard life for her to manage, as she was swallowed by a world of drugs (she nearly overdosed at the age of 15) and petty crime. She eventually dropped out of high school before returning to earn her G.E.D. Pop Singer It was apparent, however, that Pink had a talent for music. By chance one evening, an executive from MCA took notice of the sassy teenager and asked her to audition for an R&B group that was forming. The group, known as Basic Instinct, welcomed Pink into the fold. Despite a record deal and plenty of studio time, the band never could find traction.

Eventually 3:35 11. Lonely Girl (featuring Linda Perry) 4:20 12. Numb 3:08 13. Gone To California 4:34 14. My Vietnam 5:21 Bonus Track 15. Catch 22 3:52 2003 - Try This - BMG – BVCA-24014 1. Trouble 3:12 2.

Just Like A Pill 3:57 4. Get The Party Started 3:12 5. Respect (featuring Scratch) 3:25 6. 18 Wheeler 3:44 7.

Basic Instinct disbanded just two years after it was assembled. Ond run with another R&B band, this one called Choice, also came to a quick end in 1998. For Pink, though, neither experience was a disaster. Her talent was too hard not to notice, and with the support of LaFace, Choice’s former label, she struck out on her own. She changed her name from Alecia Moore to her stage name of Pink, and started recording her first solo album, Can’t Take Me Home. Released in 2000, the record was a surprise smash hit, going double-platinum and creating three Top 10 Singles: “Most Girls”, “You Make Me Sick”, and “There You Go.” It was a record that was bolstered by her tour schedule, which found her opening up for popular boy band ‘N Sync.

Mean 4:18 10. It's All Your Fault 3:52 11. Ave Mary A 3:16 12. Activation key generator online.

By the time she was 14, she was already an experienced vocalist and dancer, and started to write her own songs. She also had a regular singing gig every Friday night at a Philly nightclub. But it proved to be a hard life for her to manage, as she was swallowed by a world of drugs (she nearly overdosed at the age of 15) and petty crime.

Please Don't Leave Me 3:52 15. Bad Influence 3:37 16. Funhouse 3:26 17. Raise Your Glass 3:25 18. F**kin' Perfect 3:35 19. Heartbreak Down 3:18 2012 - The Truth About Love - RCA – SICP-3662 1. Are We All We Are 3:37 2.

Private Show 4:14 9. Can't Take Me Home 3:38 10. Stop Falling 5:52 11. Do What U Do 3:58 12. Hiccup 3:32 13. Is It Love 3:36 2001 - M!ssundaztood - Arista – BVCA-21101 1.

P Nk Discography Wikipedia

P!nk - Push You Away (03:01) 2010 - Greatest Hits.So Far!!! Get the Party Started (03:12) 02. There You Go (03:26) 03. Don't Let Me Get Me (03:31) 04. Just Like a Pill (03:57) 05.

Should arrive today or tomorrow. I stand behind my original 10 star rating for Funhouse. This is just good all around. She doesn't repeat herself anywhere on the album. Each song is a complete original and instantly recognizable. There are a handful of songs that could have easily been hit singles if the record company ever chose to release them as such.

The record was promoted by four singles, ', ', ', and ', all of which attended commercial success. In 2003, Pink released her third studio album,.

I ordered her 2 Concert DVD's the other day. Can't wait to get them.

Glitter In The Air 3:47 Bonus 13. This Is How It Goes Down 3:20 14. Boring 3:14 2010 - Greatest Hits.So Far!!! - Jive – SICP 2932 1. Get The Party Started 3:12 2. There You Go 3:25 3.

This is as good as it gets. Just plain and simple.awesome stuff from her. Personal faves: Trouble, God Is A DJ, Last To Know, Tonight's The Night, Catch Me While I'm Sleeping, Save My Life. Catch Me While I'm Sleeping is still my favorite from Try This and is clearly the MVP here.

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