GameModes SA-MP - download GM link lista. Comenzi. (Gf,RP,Stunt,etc): RPG Comenzi adaugate. Mar 12, 2014  Pārveidot VIP sistēmu, lai vairāk atbilstu RP standartiem Uzlabot toll un speedcameru sistēmu. Pagaidām arī viss, ko grasos darīt ar GM tuvākajā laikā. This is a simple gamemode where what you do is up to your own imagination. There are a few helicopters and parachutes scattered around the roofs of Los Santos, and that is basically it. Some interesting things you can do in the mode would be.

The murderer must kill all of them off while trying to blend in and hiding the evidence. A gun is given to one of the people and is required to kill the Murderer, excluding environmental hazards. Deathrun - In this gamemode, a group of players must run through a death course full of traps. Runners must go through the traps to the end of the course as Death takes control of most, if not all, of the traps and attempt to stop them reaching the final point. Breach - In this gamemode, you play as an SCP foundation personnel, Mobile Task Force soldier, or animate objects known as SCPs. Foundation staff are given the goal of escape via being escorted by a friendly faction, whether it be MTF or Chaos Insurgency.

This fixes a security vulnerability mentioned earlier. - Fixed problem with clipboard text not copying externally. - Fixed time/fog/lighting flickering when the passing of time is disabled. - Fixed some vehicle audio problems (silent cars/planes/boats/helis). - Fixed texture lag/streaming popups when many models were loaded. - Fixed some car mod shop crashes.

Some of the items you can create are illegal broadcasters, this is used to hack into the LAPD/FBI/GOV police radio scanners, this will give you the ability to use /r and /d. You can also craft a megaphone, which gives you the ability to use /m (/megaphone) inside of your vehicle. There are also gate hackers. Cell phone tappers and radio tappers. Gate hackers allow you to hack into private gates at other players private properties, the cell phone tapper and radio tappers allows you to listen to a certain players cell phone or walkie talkie conversations. There are cell phone and radio jammers, which gives you the ability to crash someones cell phone or walkie talkie conversation as well, and many more!

At the VIP Shop, there are several items you can buy including accessories for your character, rare vehicles, rare guns and car toys. If you're not interested in any of that, you can also change your character or account name, get a VIP phone number, buy respect points (used to level up) and increase your maximum car slots. You are also allowed to sell your DPS to other players for in game money with the /givedps command! Basketball System There is a great basketball system. There are two places where players can go to play basketball, the Jefferson basketball courts and a custom mapped basketball court at Unity Station. It is a very simple system but fun to play as well! There are a few controls to play basketball.

Pedobear Escape - In this gamemode, players have to run away from the Pedobears spawned without getting caught, the last player remaining wins the round. Only compatible with maps named pb_name. Homicide - A Murder-esque gamemode where you play as either someone with a gun, silent-kill equipment, or nothing. The murderer in the gamemode, with the equipment, has to kill all other players before police arrives.

Special thanks to Matite and GamerX server for contributing the new the object IDs. Thanks to everyone who tested the new version while it was in testing. We hope you enjoy the new version. Please check back for any updates. SA-MP 0.3z is released! You can find it on the. SA-MP 0.3z updates SA-MP 0.3z is mainly a security update for the SA-MP 0.3 branch.

[Based on the 2003 Unreal Software game Stranded] Minigames - Exactly what you think. In this gamemode, you and many other people choose between various mini-games to compete in.

DarkRP DarkRP was created as a modification to the long-since abandoned LightRP, as an easier-to-modify alternative. Its active development has changed hands a number of times, but for the past couple of years it has been maintained primarily by Falco or FPtje as he is more commonly known by online. This gamemode is a non-serious role-play gamemode, where players often build large bases to protect themselves and various entities that can produce money. Players are often given the means to 'raid' other players by breaking into their homes/bases and either stealing or destroying valuable entities. This gamemode features jobs (or roles) such as police, gangsters, citizens, and gun dealers (a kind of merchant), and is arguably the most popular gamemode of Garry's Mod to date. School Shooter RP Made by a deranged psychopath, You get to make some cool 'Pumped up Kicks' memes and kill all the kids and you also get to play as SWAT to take em shooters down PoliceRP PoliceRP was created as a modification to the light DarkRP gamemode, based more on the police (government) and criminals.

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There is a turf and point system for families, once you take turfs and points you will get a reward in the family safe! Any administrator with the 'Family Admin' flag can manage the families, including accepting/deleting families, adding members and leaders to families, etc. Job System There are several different jobs scripted in game as a way for players to earn money in character. Most of the legal jobs can be obtained inside of City Hall such as the Lawyer, Mechanic, Taxi Driver and Trash Cleaner job, whereas illegal jobs can be obtained in different locations throughout Los Santos. Some of the illegal jobs include Arms Dealer and Drug Dealer, used to sell guns or drugs to people or use the gun for yourself. However, there are different methods you will have to use to get the items to make these. Vehicle System There are three vehicle dealerships around Los Angeles.

- Crashes caused by DestroyVehicle script are fixed. - Imported some of the 0.2.5 vehicle surfing code. - Added command /fpslimit to adjust the frame rate limiter. Valid /fpslimit values are 20-100.

) Pizzy [ GameMode ] (. ) Blunt [ GameMode ] ( ) milanosie. Sistem care include toate testele pentru licentiere [Drivers Pilots Boat] 1. Drivers License: Contine un sistem cu prezentaera regulilor, dupa care ti se vor adresa 5 intrebari.

- Fixes range check errors in the server browser. - Fixes problems with mouse control in the game menu.

SA-MP 0.3.7 is released! You can find it on the. SA-MP 0.3.7 updates - Over 500 new object IDs added, including stunt objects and land objects. - Interface font size changing. - Some new variations of the San Andreas cop skins. - Server control of the car doors and windows.

[] SFTDM Note: This version has not been released to the Public jet as an amx, but you can play it on Partyserver. There is nothing of real interest in this gamemode - it is a Team Deathmatch with fixed spawns for each team, and each team allready has weapons on spawn. A Gallery of spawn locations may appear here later. This gamemode, although it has no set world boundaries, is focused in and around San Fierro. At the time of writing there are no vehicles anywhere except San Fierro, but this may change in SFTDM v2. [] LS Parachute This is a simple gamemode where what you do is up to your own imagination. There are a few helicopters and parachutes scattered around the roofs of Los Santos, and that is basically it.

Smile cu interior 1 /hcreate [ID] [PRET] [LEVEL] Ca sa intri in casa/Sa cumperi apesi F! Smile si iti va aparea de exemplu la cumparare vrei sa cumperi X dai DA si e a ta. *PONT* Sa nu comentati 'nu ma spawneaza la casa!' Ca sa te spawneze la casa/factiune scri /spawnchange Smile ~*Sistem de masini personale*~ Sistemul este super bun pot spune. Spune ce ai luat un GPS de la 24/7 scri /gps si alegi de acolo Dealer Ship Lux/Barci/2 Roti etc Smile langa primarie e un shop 'Dialog'in care apesi F si iti va aparea un meniu de masini!

The Sprint Key is used to tackle someone, and try to steal the basketball from the other team. The Walk Key is used to defend the ball and prevent someone from stealing it from you. Also the Jump Key, which is used to dunk the basketball in the hoop! This can only be used when you're near the hoop. Locker System There are two lockers located in Los Santos, where you can safely store your items without having to worry about them being stolen!

Contents [] RolePlay These gamemodes encourage players to take on the role of a character within a certain setting. Some gamemodes are more serious than others, requiring players to role-play as a military grunt, or as an oppressed citizen, or even a character in a fictional universe. Other's are less serious, with no fixed setting or character requirements. Removewat download.

Information: Hello G2Ex We have decided to shut down our server and release the final version of our script. Since opening the server a few months back, we have made several updates to make a great script which we're now releasing. All of the commands for specific features can be found in /help, all admin commands (depending on which flags you have), can be found in /ah. Features: Admin System The admin system is very unique and helpful.

Some interesting things you can do in the mode would be. • Try and parachute from a helictoper on on roof to another • Get a group of friends and try to make formations in the air • Try and see how far away from the spawnpoint you can land • Get a group of friends, pick a roof nearby, and have a competition to see who can land on it via parachuting • Have a game of 'extreme skydiving' - find somewhere with shallow water surround by land ( is an excellent example, and close to the spawn). Now, get in a helicopter and circle around the area extremely high up in the sky (way above the clouds). Now, bail out and try to land in the water - great to play with a group of friends as passengers in the heli. View an example screenshot.

- Servers can remove static buildings from the map. - Moving objects can now rotate smoothly. - Many new scripting functions and callbacks for SA-MP servers. Thanks to all the players and server owners who helped test this new version. A new SA-MP client and server update is available!

Intrati in phpmyadmin creeati o db cu numele sampr05 de ex si da-ti paste la query. In gamemode intrati cu pawno si editati detaliile despre host Smile ca sa le gasiti apasati CTRL+F sampr05 Smile si o sa fie acolo Link virusscan: Credite: Astro,BoNNeD. Sursa net; •. [Filterscript]Parc de distractii Parcul contine: Bumpers Cars Observer Revolution Carousel Vortex Coaster Quads Go go Karts Topgun Revolution Crazy cows Projekt 1 Freefall Ferriswheel The Jail Comenzi: /funfair - Teleport /roller - Vortex Coaster /carousel - Carousel /revolution - Revolution /topgun - TopGun / Revolution /thejail - The Jail /projekt - Projekt 1 /observer - Observer /ferriswheel - Ferriswheel /caida - Freefall /cow - Crazy cows /startall - Starts all fairgrounds / rides VIDEO: Download: Sursa net:[Filterscript]Parc+de+distractii++samp. Cookie-urile necesare fac site-ul web utilizabil, permitand functii de baza cum ar fi navigarea pe pagini si accesul in zonele securizate ale site-ului.

Adobe illustrator download with crack Everything shows up in a dialog box, making it easier and more enjoyable for our players to use. Cookie System There is a unique Cookie System as well. Cookies are a reward given to players from teachers, moderators and admins for good roleplay.

- OnVehicleMod/OnVehiclePaintjob/OnVehicleRespray includes the origin playerid. - Added OnPlayerUpdate, a callback fired for every player network update. This will help server-side anti-cheat.

As a survivor, you must gather guns and ammo and do all of your other daily activities, like eating and sleeping. As an alien, you must spread the Alien Virus around to everyone else by killing them.

Pentru a ajunge la licente aveti comenzile: /gotodmv /gotodmp /gotodmb. Mai multe detalii gasiti cand il testati. Autor: BoNNeD Download: PWN -> AMX -> Sursa net: •. [Filterscript]JOB Apicultor + Minibar (Christmas gift) Descriere: Un simplu job de apicultor. Trebuie sa iei mierea din stup si sa o depozitezi in hambar.Pentru aceasta actiune primesti o suma de 500$ ( o puteti schimba desigur ) Langa acest job am adaugat si un minibar specific. Nu am integrat o comanda de /takejob.Cam toata lumea integreaza fs-ul in propriul gm.

There is a bike dealership in Market, right in front of the Donut Shop that sells motorcycles. The Grotti dealership in Rodeo sells sports cars which are more expensive than the Jefferson dealership near the Motel which sells cheaper, regular vehicles.

Essentially DarkRP during the zombie apocalypse. Black Mesa RP A nearly abandoned RP gamemode, Black Mesa RP has the player roleplay as one of the inhabitants of Black Mesa before the events of Half-Life. The gamemode was somewhat popular until a user created his own server, and caused most other BMRP servers to shut down due to the overwhelming popularity of his. Uncategorized The following gamemodes either don't fit into an existing category or have not been updated to the new format yet. Call of Duty MWG - This is a recreation of Call Of Duty in Gmod, with many bits of all the COD games taken and mushed into one gamemode.

You do not have to quit the server and log back in to play on a different character! You can simply change characters by typing one command which is /switchchar. After typing this command, it will give you the option to choose to play on one of your six characters! Helper/Teacher System We have a very unique helper and teacher system. All you have to do is ask the question in /helpme and a helper or teacher can answer your question!

- Servers have the ability to enable the mouse cursor so you can click on images/text. Thanks to all who tested 0.3e and provided feedback! Please check back again for the next SA-MP update.

~*Joburi*~ Toate joburile merg super bine fara bug! Rasplata nu este mare maxim 5k! ~*MYSQL*~ Serverul se bazeaza pe mysql! Deci la download aveti sampr05.sql! Ce faceti cu aceeasta?

There is one locker located at Unity Station and another one located in the allyway by the East Los Santos Cluckin' Bell. You can store all sorts of items in your locker, such as drugs, weapons and cash. Tagging System There is an amazing tagging system, which only members of official families may use. You must have a spray can on hand when spray painting a building. You can choose your own color for your tag, and write custom words which will show up in the tag.

- Many minor security updates for both the client and server. Thanks to everyone who helped test 0.3z! SA-MP 0.3x is now available! Go to the to get it. SA-MP 0.3x features - A new model preview system makes it easier to find player skins, vehicle types, and object models in-game. - The draw distance of objects can be set to any distance, which reduces the pop-in on custom areas. - Improvements to object and material colour changing.

Sursa: - Topic- [ Map ] Gireada [ FilterScript ] Rimmon [ FilterScript ] DjSeby09 [ FilterScript ] DjSeby09 [ GameMode ] (. ) WopsS [ FilterScript ] (. ) [Ro]DuReX [ FilterScript ] Psyhophatic [ FilterScript ] ( ) DiGiTaL_AnGeL [ Map ] Skizzer [ FilterScript ] eDz0r [ Tutorial ] ( ) Skaizo [ Tutorial ] AkyraDev [ Map ] FlashGun [ FilterScript ] DiGiTaL_AnGeL [ Map ] ( ) DyduShxD [ FilterScript ] ( ) Babica [ GameMode ] ( ) RuSke [ Tutorial ] DiegoRider [ Map ] ( ) DiegoRider [ Tutorial ] ElectroX. / [ GameMode ] Puff [ GameMode ] (.

Si nu are rost:) Vom revenii si cu o versiune 2.0 LOCATIE: Langa vama LS-SF Cerinte: - Pentru a edita fs-ul aveti nevoie de urmatoarele inc.uri: Code: [Select] Comenzi: Code: [Select] Click stanga - pentru a lua mierea din stup /depozit - pentru depozitare /lapte si /carnaciori - Pentru a comanda la minibar. Credite: TaifunX2,Ionutzz,BoNNeD Link Download: Sursa: net •. Report System Avansat Descriere:Un sistem /report cu multe beneficii unul fiind si live chat-ul! Admin-ul poate discuta detaliat problema cu jucatorul prin livechat.

As a Prop, players must hide or run throughout the map avoiding the Hunters, who are tasked with eliminating the opposition while carefully holding their fire, as shooting a real prop damages them. Murder - A murderer is around. Like TTT, the players must stay alive and search for clues.

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SA-MP 0.3c can be found on the. A security and bug fix release of SA-MP (0.3b) is now available on the. This release also includes some new features and improvements to SA-MP.

Account System We have an amazing account system in this script! With our account system, you are allowed to make your name anything you want when you first log into the server, as it will not be your character name. After logging in, passing the roleplay test and choosing a password, you will then choose a name for your character. You are allowed to have a maximum of six characters on one account.

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This kind of roleplay is very strict, requiring players to follow an extensive set of rules. Players will typically obey the orders of other players with a higher 'rank' than them, emulating a military hierarchy. StarWarsRP Star Wars RP is a collection of different Star Wars themed Military RP gamemodes, usually set in various arcs of the Star Wars canon. They became popular in late 2015 when Star Wars Episode 7 came out in theatres. The most common arc for these kinds of gamemodes is the Clone Wars era, where players will take on the role of a clone fighting droids/sith/etc. Virtually identical to the Military RP gamemode, except Star Wars. 1942RP 1942 RP is a WWII roleplay gamemode, in which players typically play in Nazi Germany as either a Nazi, a Resistance fighter, or a Citizen.

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