Ok,,,here it goes.I cannot remember dates. Huffy BMX, mags and snake belly tires GT Performer Dyno Pro Comp Haro Freestyler Master/white Haro Master Turq./mint. 1985 GT Pro Performer - BMXmuseum.com. Find this Pin and more on Sweet bikes by schooloffish. The exact same bike in Hawt. 1986 GT Pro World Tour. Find out how much a GT bicycle is worth. Pro Performer. Pro Performer (01) Pro Performer (02) Pro Performer (26-inch) Pro Performer 26. Pro Series (01). 1987 Gt Pro Performer Serial Numbers. For your GT-PRO-PERFORMER-NO-SERIAL-NUMBER-FREESTYLE-OLD-BMX. Old School BMX. 1987 / 1986 GT Pro Performer.

This 1985 gt pro performer is stamped on the rear dropout and stamped fs. As seen in pics. The yellow powder looks nice the decals are very nice. This is an old frame and it is not perfect it is used and has some signs of use. The frame has a tiny pinhole by the seattube as seen in the pic. There looks like a tiny crack on the seat tube as seen in pic. And the rear dropouts are not perfect also sen in pic.

GT pro race frame - Chrome (1985) 8. Hutch Judge - Candy Apple Red (1985) 9. Hutch Trick Star - Chrome (1987) 10.

Actual item is shown in photo gallery- I took several close-ups so you can see exactly what you will get Please view my other current listings. Contoh soal integral dan pembahasannya pdf. I have a few things currently listed that I think you will be interested in. And we can combine items and save on shipping! I use USPS priority shipping with tracking and insurance unless otherwise requested by buyer prior to shipping Thank you for viewing my listing& I hope you bid. Your satisfaction is my guarantee. As always.NO reserve.

1 Answer 'what year is my Gt performer bike s/n. Old School BMX. 1987 / 1986 GT Pro Performer. Performer in.

82 Hutch Pro -sold 96 Redline PL 24 -sold 97 Mosh Rave 24 *Still Have it! 90's Klien Mtn -Mtn Bike -fire 74 Schwinn Collegiate -gave it to a friend 85 Puegot -Road Bike -gave it to a friend 97 Haro Supra *Still Have it! 05 Yeti ASR SL *Still Have it! 95 Lite Speed -Mtn Bike *Still Have it!

This guide contains a Fox Body cylinder. • May 31, 2017. Pro 24; Pro XL; Pro; Expert XL; Expert; Junior; Mini. 1 of 300 uniquely serialized Haro Freestyler 30th Anniversary frame and. Unique serial. • Can anyone tell me about the build quality of the GT Performer/Pro.

'94/'95 Homeless Pornstar XL (learned to ride street) 14. ’94 S&M Widowmaker cruiser (learned to jumpa nd ride trails. '95 Powerlite freestyle (Trevor Meyer/Kevin Gutierrez era) (short lived experiment. Proved i could ride flatland on a 20.5'tt ramp bike). ’95 Homeless Mack (1” head tube) (still have and love this bike) 17. ’95 Standard Shorty (1” head tube) 18.

Proved i could ride flatland on a 20.5'tt ramp bike). ’95 Homeless Mack (1” head tube) (still have and love this bike) 17. ’95 Standard Shorty (1” head tube) 18. ‘95/’96 Hoffman TAJ (cheap trade at the trails but fun as hell) 19. Standard Shaman (bobby fisher rules) 20. Schwinn Azrael (sickest flatland bike ahead of its time) 21. Standard STA R-Model 20.5”tt (prototype or first run) 22.

Haro Revo (Yellow) 5) 87' Hutch Trick Star (Blue) 6) 86' Haro Sport (Chrome) 7) 99' Redline 860 (Chrome) 8) 84' Hutch Trick Star (Chrome) 9) Redline 640 (Chrome) 10) 96? GT Pro Freestyle Tour (Chrome) 11) 92' Mongoose Expert (Chrome) 12) 09' 30th. Anniversary Haro Freestyler 13) 94' Mongoose Expert Pro (Chrome) 14) 98' Hoffman Ep (Chrome) 15) 86' GT Pro Freestyle Tour (Pink) 16) 99? Haro Revo (Chrome) 17) 85' Hutch Windstyler (White). 77 Murray Ram Rod -worked 79 Roger Decoster -Red -traded 79 Roger Decoster -Yellow -traded 80 Redline Microline -sold 81 Hutch Expert -broken 81 Hutch Expert -broken 82 another Hutch -sold 82 PK Ripper -broker 54 Hiawatha -MOM THREW IT AWAY!!! 82 Torker 280 -traded 86 Raleigh Mesa Runner -Mtn Bike -blew it apart 88 Giant At 740 -Mtn Bike -sold 90 Trek 8700 -Mtn Bike *Still Have it!

I learned to ride on this bike and crashed super hard. Big scar on my forehead to this day. I was about 5 or 6 years old.

• We hope this help address your questions on which way is up. Remember, if a Fel-Pro head gasket or intake manifold gasket does not have directional markings on it, it. • Up for auction is a 2000 Bimota DB4 (fuel injected). This is a Brand New Zero Mile motorcycle that I am selling for my Dad who is selling his collection. • Hamilton's Auto Sales also sells Carports and Enclosed Carports to help you store your vehicle. These are well built West Coast Metal Buildings, with Free. • To squeeze some more ponies out of your Fox Body Mustang, upgrading the cylinder heads can lead to some substantial results.

Ongoing experiment. Rarely ride but still f un.) 28. Macneil Deuce Deuce (ongoing experiment. Bigger feels better these days.) 29. ’07 Terrible One Garrett Byrnes (so sick i didn't deserve it) 30. ’05 Specialized P-Street 24” (wack, but experimental value) 31. ’08 Union Street Molly Maguire 24” (sweet but somehow never quite jibed, maybe will soon, tweak some setup) 32.

Huffy thunder 50- black and gold. Id love to find another. My first bike as a kid. Red/chrome schwinn predator 20' cooks bros with all mid 90's era race parts- not stock at all Hyper metro Reynolds racing 44 2010 SBC 125R -STILL OWN IT 1997 SBC lengthy -STILL OWN IT 1999 SBC 125R -STILL OWN IT Chrome kuwahara Yr unknown Freeagent- chrome yr also unknown 1995 mongoose expert -STILL OWN IT 1st yr chrome hoffman taj, transparent blue decals was told very limited edition SBC mini 50R- daughters bike -STILL OWN IT Just a few I can think of while on the phone at work.

’08 Blackmarket MOB 26” (amazing. New world of riding. I get up at 6:30 before work to ride this bike, cut out at lunch to dig, and ride and chill with a new crew of riders with this bike at my side) Fisher's Mom is the best cook of anyone. Fisher still resides in Knoxville has stock in Fisher Tire and installs cable for a living.

My brother brought this back from college and left it at home. It became mine. I still have this bike, though I have loaned it to a number of people for extended periods of time. Want a mid-90s Specialized? Make me an offer.

Nothing wrong with GTs from that timeframe at all. I'd say they're very respected bikes and fairly sought after by lots of collectors. I did have a friend who cracked his 85 Pro Performer near the head tube, but I'm guessing you can find stories of any number of people cracking any number of different bikes in any number of different places. Up to 87, all the frames were made-in-the-USA Chromoly frames. The only difference was the level of parts they put on them.

Hopefully this bit of info can be used for everyone, and this will save you from those late nights sitting around waiting for a response to your post looking for an answer to the idendity to your gt.although i do feel smart and proud when i can answer these posts. Well, thats it for me, if anyone else has info on serials or if you see a mistake in this guide, tell me so i can edit it.

Unfortunately, don't ride it nearly enough, because those things are hard to pedal around if you're not going downhill. Need to sell it, but haven't yet.

Perhaps the the question of 'What exactly do the serial numbers entail? The Pro Freestyle Tour was introduced in late 1986 as an '86.5.

Showing how i've been simultaneously in flatland, park/street, and trailz). Borrowing a bike for a week or riding your friend's bike doesn't count--must be actually yours. Omissions like random beer-run beach cruisers is acceptable. Store bmx (obsession with bikes began) 2.

I've toyed with selling it. I ride it at the track and on single track, and sometimes it's a lot of fun, but the size takes some getting used to. 2002 Specialized Stumpjumper Compe -- Hard tail.

Luckily, they are mostly on the back so when the bike is built they are hardly noticeable. I see some of these 84-85 full chromoly frames listed with insanely high BIN prices. I'm going to let you guys decide what it's worth by starting it at 99 cents with no reserve.

Schwinn mtb 24' (crap) 3. '87 Diamond Back Hot Streak, meticulously applied grip tape all over the f*cker. (learned basic flatland) 4. '87 Haro Master (learned more basic flatland) 5. '88 Haro Master (learned rest of basic flatland) 6. '87 Mongoose Decade (learned to jump out of ditches) 7. '89 GT Pro Series race (briefly tried racing again) 8.

11)Redline RL 20-II 1988 model. Paint all scratched up. Sent it out and had it chrome plated.

I am also teaching welding at a local community college. By the way, did I tell you that the guy ran GT's in house fabrication for the last ten years (he recently retired) was none other than Gilbert Axt.

Looked like this:. Huffy Pro Thunder. 35 pounds of high-tensile steel. I started freestyling on this one in 1986. My grandfather helped me drill holes in the fork so I could have front breaks.

Happy holidays people.

And it would probably hold up under most riding conditions. Thanks for that R. If I do get this frame, it will be built as a rider but it won't be seeing any air time, purely for a little flatland, at best. Thanks midohiofreestyler.

Do you remember Race, Inc.? That was Gilbert. He also did the original PK Ripper for SE Racing. History, man.

1980 Schwinn Sting Chrome.all the components from the SX.plus cook bro hubs laced to Araya 7b's and flight crank ( Traded for a RM 125 Suzuki.BIG MISTAKE) 5. 1985 Schwinn Predator Black Sahadow.my 11 yr old rides it 6. 1995-ish SE Assassin XL Chrome.All stock except a NOS Woody 3 piece.very nice bike!

NO THERE NOT BRIAN! AND DON'T DELETE MY POST AGAIN! Dude what you have there is a 1986 Taiwanese made GT (probably performer) The serial # is on the BB but it's longer then the usual G5***** or G6***** right? With no 4130 stamp?

‘95/’96 Hoffman TAJ (cheap trade at the trails but fun as hell) 19. Standard Shaman (bobby fisher rules) 20.

All OG down to the chainguard. Still own it. Haro Master non bashguard frame and fork. Havent built it up yet.

Please carefully look at the pictures provided in this listing to clear up any questions you may have. I would rate this frame a high 8 out of a 10 condition wise. It would be a great gift idea for that old school bmx enthusiast. I also have other old school bmx items up for sale at this time here on ebay. Including an AS NEW GT headset, Oryg detangler, and the Pro Performer forks that would accompany this bike frame.

Haro Sport - Blue/Black (1988) 11. Sansui drivers for pc Haro Master - Turquoise (1989) 12. Haro Sport - Black (1989) 13.

10) 1998 Yellow Quadangle w/ Peregrine 48's still own to this day. My favorite bike to ride.

Does 250 bucks for an 87 Taiwan GT Perofrmer frame and forks, rear frame standers, fork standers, GT DX pedals and a set of JB Handlebars sound like a good deal? The chrome on the F&F is apparently new. Will be swapping the bars for a set of Pro Performer bars. It sounds/looks like a good deal to me. Any advice appreciated. That sounds reasonable to me, as long as they are in decent shape. I paid $300 for one of mine last year and it was a complete bike.

Bikes are similar quality to Japanese made bikes? Also would they be equally desirable or fetch similar prices if sold? Just wondering thanks yes, a 1987 PFST is a USA frame.

Columbia silver fox (stingray copy) huffy pro thunder redline mx II huffy pro lightning 83 pk ripper;black tuffs with campy hubs,should have kept that one! Redline 500a, all white 84 gt pro performer 84 redline pl 20 ( complete, like the one in the ad) chrome skyway ta diamond back hot streak 86 haro master (white/chrome,white tuffs,group 1 cranks) sold that one for 100,really good move! I will list only those I still have. 1977-1989 1) Huff Wrangler 2) Team Murray 3) Huffy Sigma 4) 84' Mongoose Expert 5) 86' Haro FST (Blue) 6) 87' Hutch Trick Star (Futuristic Blk.) 7) 84' Mongoose Expert (Cru Jones replica) 8) 86' Haro Sport 9) 87? General Hustler Pro 10) 86? RL-20II 11) 86' Haro Sport (got it back) 1996-2010 1) 87' Haro Team Master (Yellow) 2) 99' Hoffman EP (Chrome) 3) 03' Haro F4 (Chrome) 4) 99?

87 Haro Master team model - riding now. Miss the trick star though. Only a couple of these I bought new, most were trades with buddies, here it goes 83 Huffy Pro Thunder pro 3 '87 General Blood Pro '84 Redline 500A? '87 Skyway Street Beat (red/white w/990s) '89 Robinson Pro (2 of them) '87 Boss Pro '85 Hutch Trick Star candy apple red (traded this for a set of Profiles!) '84 Rampar couple Mongooses '95 Hoffman Big Daddy '92 Hoffman Condor (first batch?) '90 Bully (also first run) '87 GT Performer '89 GT PFT '87 Torker 2 280 air '88 Master black/chrome I think I forgot some these I still have '97 SE Quad '84 Master 2nd gen '85 Master pink '85 Sport was pink '87 FSX '85 Dyno D30 '89 Master bashguard '84 Skyway TA XL (3 of them) '83 Skyway TA pro '96 DB Viper pit bike w/tuffs this made me think. Wow this is a great thread.I dont know where to begin, My parents werent super rich butt they still didnt see the resoning in spending more than about what ever the average department store bike cost bitd.

USA Made Full 4130 Chomeoly With A Chrome Finish Everything shown is included! Everything is in nice USED condition- No broken welds or structural issues.

If you are not receiving my emails then check your spam filters on your email. Or that your email address is current with ebay. As far as old school gt's go. This'85 4130 full chromoly frame and fork is as good as it gets!

Gt Performer Serial Numbers

-I wasn't really feelin' the GT so I quickly got an 87 Master frame from another friend and rode that for a while. A little different that the Sport I was used to, but I liked it.

I think I can remember all of my riders in order anyway. -I had some little Schwinn something or other that I learned to ride on. Little 16' thing, it was red. -Then a Huffy, eventually with some cool parts on it that were handed down from my cousins as they got new stuff. -Hutch Trick Star in 85!!! -Haro Sport in 87.

2000 Torker Pro ST -- Actually bought this after the Mosh. The last of the American-made Torker frames, I think.

Nice bike 18 speeds, linear pull brakes. 8) New bike full suspension Mongoose Mtb. 9) Meet a new guy at work who tells me about EBAY. He staets Ebay has everything you could have every wanted on it. 4 days later I am the winner of a PK Ripper in candy blue. Sold bke to Steve Jain.

2001 Mosh 3-Star Royal Cruiser. They opened a track back in Indiana when I was still living there, and I was embarassed to ride the Strike Zone. So I bought this. Feels like a 20-inch used to feel like BITD. But it's a cruiser. Still ride it on single track and every once in a while at the track.

Next is the letter 'C'.C is the 3rd letter in the alphabet, and march is the 3rd month, so march is the build month. Next is the letter 'G' this is the year. G is the 7th letter in the alphabet, so this would be a 1987.

'87 GT Pro Performer (flatland experiment) 11. '91 S&M Holmes (learned to ride miniramp and skatepark) 12. '94 Powerlite XXL race (learned to manual) 13.

• More Power. Increase the horsepower and torque output of your push rod 5.0L engine with the Ford Racing Turbo-Swirl GT40X Aluminum Head. These GT-40X heads feature • so.if you have an '86 Perfomer - Pro Performer - World Tour - Pro. Going by Phil's serial numbers, it's safe to say that GT switched from World.

Some of it is cool and worth bragging about. And a lot may not be. Looking back there are probably bikes you wish you had had but didn't. Along the way I rode wack bikes and rad bikes. Sometimes even the wack bikes were rad because of what I did on them. So this is my list (in order of aqcuisition).

I also have a Profile DSL-1 frame (hardtail mountain bike -- for jumping or mountain cross) that I intended to build up. I need to do that some day, or get rid of it. Similar thread on another board: This is my list: While reading SPRFLS, and listening to a conversation with an old school racer at my new trails tonight.

Contact me before buying for direct shipping options Ask Questions if you need more info. Want more pics, or see something we left out Get it while you can. Up for your consideration is a Old School Bmx Gt Pro Performer frameset w/ what look to be the original decals. The serial number is 65I04321. This frame has been cleaned up and polished and has a very nice shine to it. The decals do have some scratching but still are very readable.

93 Giant Boulder ( I think) MTB.stolen after 2 months 8. 2000's GT Pantera MTB set up for touring.decent bike.rides well 9.some type of cruiser class soon.hopefully.).

And definitely the last before Torker started doing beach cruisers. They had no XL frames left, so I figured I'd go ST. I think I made a poor choice. A little too small for me, while the XLs I've ridden have been perfect.

I buy& sell used items. Or inspect them, when I can& note what I notice in testing& inspecting. I have no idea if they will last 10 minutes or 50 years, no warranties are implied& no warranties are included. Like all of the items we sell, this item is sold'AS IS' We sell a wide variety of used items. We try to describe them as best we can but we are not.

1986 Gt Pro Performer Specs

Some crappy Team Murray I got for 20$ - sucked 2. 88 Hutch Jet - broke or bent most every part on it 3. Torker 2 (either a 280 Air or a 360 Air. I don't know which it was) - heavy as hell and the whale tail thing was stupid 4.

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